5 Early Signs your Relationship will last

By Anonymous

1. You Understand Each Other:

Communication is often the ultimate killer of relationships, mostly due to the fact that it's such an essential part of building a lasting romance. Unfortunately, we all communicate differently, leading to a range of misunderstandings that can erode the health of your romance. While there are definitely ways to improve your communication, if you and your Partner just seem to get each other from the very beginning, you're already leaps and bounds ahead of many other couples. If you feel as though you truly understand the other person, you'll have much less work to do on the communication front, indicating that your relationship will be able to survive life's little mishaps.

2. You Rely on Each Other:

What's the point of even having a relationship if you can't run to your partner with every little problem? Of course we're joking… mostly. In all seriousness, though, there's something very amazing in feeling like you can immediately count on another person. If you and your partner have no trouble sharing your daily events, asking for advice and confiding in one another, it's a very good sign your relationship will last. That level of comfortability is difficult to achieve. While it's definitely something you can build towards, feeling that way from the very beginning indicates that you'll only get more and more at ease around one another.

3. You Gush, You Don't Gossip:

We all talk about the new romantic interests in our lives to an almost incessant degree. It's hard not to chat about someone when your feelings are all wrapped up in them, and you obviously need your friends' advice before you move forward. It's during these talks that the good, the bad and the ugly of your relationship often comes out. Therefore, it's an incredibly good sign if you and your partner basically have nothing negative to say about each other. There will enough time down the line to focus on their flaws, but if the beginning of your relationship is filled with excitement and adoration, it's guaranteed to last much longer.

4. You Don't Disagree

Every relationship is going to have its fair share of arguments. Spending a lot of time with someone and becoming more comfortable with them naturally means conflict will arise at some point, but the beginning of your relationship shouldn't be riddled with arguments. If you and your partner don't seem to disagree on anything, it's actually a good sign that your relationship is built to last. It indicates that your thought processes and value systems are similar, so there's very little need to argue. There will be plenty of time for conflict down the line, so take solace in the fact that a relationship free of arguments at the beginning will likely last much longer.

5. You Crave Time Together:

The beginning of a relationship should be marked by an almost ridiculous sense of excitement about the other person. You should want to spend every minute you possibly can with each other, and you shouldn't ever get bored of one another. Of course, that feeling will fade with time, but a genuine enthusiasm about your relationship is a good indication of how long it will last. If you're only mildly excited at the beginning, that emotion is going to fade quickly and leave you feeling bored and ready to move on. If you can barely contain your obsession with your partner., however, it's a good sign that those intense feelings will last much longer, giving you a better chance to build a long-term relationship.
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