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Members of CAC Worldwide commends Akinyele Region decision on Prophet Kasali

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Members of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide has commended authorities of CAC Akinyele for her decision to order ministers in the region not to invite Prophet Moses Kasali to any programme.

Akinyele Region decided not to entertained Prophet Kasali in his region following the video which was been shared on social media where the controversial Prophet was seen singing hip-hop and Fuji music while ministering at the open air crusade organised by CAC Temidire District Headquarters, Ogijo. The video has been trending on social media and is indeed tarnishing the image of CAC.

Members of the church across the globe share their opinion thorough Facebook page of CAC NEWS and CAC Members Worldwide. Some of their comments are as follows;

Jacob Kolawole

Thank God ooo,welcome development in CAC

Adeniyi Omidiji

We must sanitize CAC, for the new century ahead, God bless Akinyele region leaders

Oluwafemi Adegoke

Kudos to the authority of Akinyele Region and CAC Worldwideorldwide in general. This is a welcome development and will serve as warning to those planning to do so in future.

Aribisala Bukkey

Good, I watched the video and was crying inside very disgraceful to CAC worldwide.

Owolabi Joseph Olakunle Gerrard

I love the quick decision taken by CAC Akinyele authority. This is absolutely madness and rubbish to bring down the church. When I saw the video I felt bad asking myself,could this be true? Good one from CAC authority,some Pastors lack ethics.

Medard Kpadonu

Thanks be to CAC Akinyele region for this news. Jesus is Lord.

Oladapo Rotimi

Better he's doing more damages to the body of Christ.

PastorAworinde Lawrence Oluwasegun

Very good. I love that. God bless our leaders.

Akinniranye Abike

Very good and kudos to our leaders, may God continue to bless , protect and strengthen our leaders in Christ Apostolic Church.

Olatunji Humphrey Tosin

To every action there is equal and opposite reaction, kudos to CAC Akinyele Region. More grace IJN.

Let's continue to chastise erring ministers.
It is well with CAC!
it is well with my Soul!!

Segun Raymond Rodemade

I was once his followers, if you have been under his ministration this man doesn't use the name of Jesus to pray, he don't preach. The truth is that kasali is not a real man of God, Bidemi suffered a lot from him, he can tell the guy to go and run mad for 30min and truly run mad. People don't go to his church as before because there eyes don opened.

Queen Hephzibah Oluwasemilore

Better !
The Song he sang was a Disgrace to the Body of Christ.
How Can You Be Singing a worldly Song in An Open Crusade Program?.
Glorifying the devil in a gathering where the Children of God is.

Evangelist John Olu Ademarati

This should not be limited to Akinyele Region alone but to CAC Qorldwide.I weep in my heart to see such kind of foolish song on a Open Air Revival. Well I trust our General Evangelist...

Olagoke Oluwafisayo

A lot need to be done in CAC.I love going to CAC church around me. l'm memeber of TAC.When I left my old area.My church is far from my place.Looking for CAC church around I saw like 3 different pictures of the pastors incharge on der big board outside the church.Which I knw is not the real CAC church.All dis should be look into.I still wish to go to CAC oke Iyanu at Pedro.They can also do it the way The Apostolic Church is standing.You can never use any picture rather than the Church logo.One fold one Shepherd. God Bless is Church. Ki oluwa my gbogbo wa de le ogo

Akanbi Psalmuel Marshall

This is discipline ! Doing the right thing is what I love C.A.C for, God bless the leadership of his church...


  1. Good, we appreciate the leaders of our region and pray for more grace in Jesus name

    1. Yes we appreciate them. They need to be more proactive . Why waiting till this time before taking an action. They must speak in tge same language. Even up till now ge remains a C.A.C prophet. Why????

  2. Hiding under the so verse of 'do not touch my anointed one' to turn the gathering of children of God to shaku shaku party is uncalled for. Prophet can continue serving his God in this nanner as there are many fulish among his follower but NOT under C.A.C umbrella. He is a disgrace to the church worldwide. I believe Apostle Babalola is preparing his cane/koboko. It us well with C.A.C, it us well with genuine members. ONE LOVE

  3. Enter your comment...pls is that video really true? if it is then I don't tink the man his really call by God and lead by only spirit. C.A.C suld stop him using the name of the church on his banners

    1. Enter your reply...holy spirit I mean,shi he his just a disgrace to CAC