INTERVIEW! CAC needs to go back to Evangelism as our fathers used to do- Evang. Agbabiaka

Like in the days of the forefathers of the church, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide is still blessed with ministers who have passion for evangelism and are Evangelists by calling. One of such ministers is Steve Oluwaseyi Agbabiaka, a South Africa based Evangelist of CAC.
In this interview with CAC NEWS, the founding minister of CAC Victory Chapel, Kempton Park, South Africa speaks on so many interesting issues. Except !

Tell us about your journey into the ministry

According to what my parents told me,  I started this Evangelist work immediately I started talking, holding the stick as a microphone and will be preaching to other children at the age of two. I moved to Abuja after I finish my first Bible School. In 1999 I was ordained.
In 2003 God spoke to me that I should go to the field as an Evangelista that was how I started moving from one city to another, in 2004 I was appointed as the first Abuja District Coordinating Council Evangelist, in which God help me to do a lot for Christ.
In 2008 God sent me to South Africa mission field in which the authority of our great mission was aware of it. In South Africa God help me to continue the outreach by preaching to one, two and to the communities. I also minister to Pastors and church workers. In 2011 I came across a Christian interdenominational organization called (Africa International Mission), in 2012 I was made Nigerian  Director for this organization and later for Kenya as well, through the help of God and the organization I have printed and gave out not less than 25,000 new testament bibles and Biblical Research Library, Teachers Bible in thousands in which we sold it in a lower price for the ministers.
God help me to start an assembly called C.A.C Victory Chapel in Kempton park, right now I am in another location called Limpopo Province, from there I move to other part of the world to preach the gospel.

When did you attend theological seminary and the name of the school?

 In 1995 I attended Babajiide Prophet and Evangelist Training College, after that I proceeded to Wofbi ( Word of faith Bible institute ) Lagos. I also attended Faith Bible College in Johannesburg South Africa.

Some people believed Christ Apostolic Church is a Yoruba church. Is it the same thing in South Africa?

Why some people believe C.A.C is a Yoruba church may be because it was founded by a Yoruba man, and also in the olden days our Fathers preached in Yoruba language, but nowadays is not so again because we have different tribe in the ministry. For instance in South Africa we do our presentation and preaching in English and interprets to local languages.

What is the major challenge of our church (CAC) in South Africa?

The major challenge that is facing church in South Africa is the same challenge facing churches all over the world but the peculiar of it here is accommodation, renting of the Venue for the church, when the church don't have a permanent building of its own in South Africa it's like it has never started because your landlord can ask u to move out any time maybe because your Amen or Alleluya is too loud or because your instrument is too sound.
If the landlord did not complain the community may complain because some of these facilities are not made for church purpose, so sometimes church may change location twice in a year and when you move to another place almost half of the members won't be able to follow you to the new location.
The other thing is finances in which it can solve the other problems if it is available.

CAC Worldwide just concluded the grand finale of her centenary anniversary. What do you think should be the next focus of the church after the centenary celebration?

We thank God for the conclusion of the celebration of 100 years of existing of this great Commission but what I saw in this case is that we are celebrating what our fathers has done, what I think we should do now is to go back to Evangelism as our fathers used to do.

Daddy Freeze, a radio presenter in Nigeria and a major critic of tithing has invited Pastor E.O. Adeboye or any minister of God to an open debate on tithe. What is your opinion about this and who do you think tithe should be paid to?

I am so blind about other things except what the Bible says. This our generation is the generation that don't want to believe in the Bible again and some preachers has come up now twisting the Bible to anything they like, in my own opinion tithe should be given to the Pastors.
Tithe is the 10% of all your income, paying of tithe is not an optional but a commandment.(Malachi 3:10, Hebrew 7:8 &Numbers 18:21 &:24)
With these verses I think we can get more light.

We are now in the generation that church members, radio presenter, TV presenter even artist believe that they know Bible more that Pastors
Even some pastors that lack knowledge   of the word of God they also follow them in preaching nonsense.
All these things are sings of endtime, if I have my way I will tell Pastor E.O Adeboye not to attend that debate.

2019 is around the corner and it is an election year in Nigeria, what is your message to Nigerians?

As 2019 is coming closer Nigerians should pray for peaceful election and we should beg our Christian brothers and sisters in the politics not to sell out Nigeria because of money and their ambitions.

What is God telling you regarding 2019?
2019 is a blessed year but it's going to be very challenging but let's be closer to God.

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