2019 Elections: Resist vote buyers, Pastor Dada tells Nigerians

Pastor Amos Dada

The District Superintendent and Pastor- in- charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Bethel, Toronto Canada, Pastor Amos Dada, has urged Nigerians to shun inducements from contestants before and during the 2019 general elections.

He spoke with reporters at the International Gathering of Eagles Conference recently in Lagos.

Pastor Dada, who is also the convener of the two-day conference, stressed that any politician who gives out inducement would firstly rake in whatever he has given out once in power.

“Imagine somebody giving out $5,000 during primary elections of his party, he is a businessman, he is coming back to take his money.

“Nigerians must open their eyes. The voters must refuse to be bought over. Some would say whether they take it or not, the candidates will win. This is wrong but you know the right person, vote for the right person,” he began.

“Politicians too need to stop deceiving people. Enough of this.  In the coming election, whoever God gives the opportunity, do what you promised to do and it will be well with you but don’t find excuses.”

The cleric also condemned the growing trend of corruption and impunity in the country.

He described corruption as one of the major problems slowing down the progress of the country.

He described corruption as lack of integrity. “It is doing what is wrong. It is all manner of activities that you consciously or subconsciously do that negate the purpose for which you are put in that office.”

Relating corruption to the theme of the conference, ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail’ Dada, who is also, director of mission, Christ Apostolic Church, Bethel district of North America,  said corruption is one of the major proofs that the “gate of hell is prevailing over this country and it has to stop”

“If your focus to be a pastor is just to make money, look for something else to do. When politicians who should be gatekeepers have become gate looters, people who should keep our resources but are the ones who pilfer it, these are signs that gates of hell are prevailing in this nation and the church  need to do more to correct the situation.”

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