Leading by example is a trait of a good leader- Zonal Superintendent, Life and Power zone

By 'Gbenga Bankole

"Leading by example is a trait of a good leader. A group of individuals with poor leadership will quickly degenerate into conflict, because everyone sees things differently and will naturally lean towards different solutions," the Zonal Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Life and Power Zone, Pastor Mich 'Tunji  Oladapo, has said.

He noted that exemplary leader practices "Do as I do" rather than "Do as I say" philosophy (walking the talking).

The Cleric said it is the responsibility of an exemplary leader to inspire the people around him or her to push themselves  and in turn, the entire organization to greatness and to do this the leader must show the way by doing it himself.

Pastor Oladapo stated this recently while delivering a paper on the topic "The Challenges of Contemporary Youth Leadership in Apostolic Tradition" at the First Strategic Executive Retreat of CACYOF Akinyele Region.

He stressed that youths always love to follow a leader that leads by example, stating that most youth leaders have problems leading today because they dont lead by example.

An active leader, according to him is a visionary leader, has the tendency of making positive impact on his subordinates or followers.

The Cleric affirmed that conversely a passive leader is unlikely to have any positive impact on the people he or she leads, emphasising that a leader that has no regard for constituted authorities is obviously telling his followers that he does not deserve their respect.

"Leadership plays a prominent role in every setting of all levels. The situation of things in any setting could be traced to the kind of a leader on ground in that setting. Nothing happens without leadership. Nothing changes without leadership. Nothing develops without leadership. Nothing is corrected without leadership. Everyone, everywhere and every time is always being led. Whatever conclusion, circumstances, or predicament in which a person, family, community, organization or nation may find itself, someone led it there."

"However, leadership constantly presents challenges to leaders and their abilities. Generally speaking, life is full of challenges, and leading the contemporary youths is no exception. In fact, being a leader is in its own a challenge  challenge of how not to fail; how to be accepted; how to be fulfilled, etc.  No leader, no matter how versatile, is immune to challenges. These challenges, however, are incitation for the leader to rise to another level, to test and prove himself, and to show that he can accomplish something that may seem difficult or even impossible," he explained.

Pastor also said that a leader that is trustworthy and can keep secret will win the confidence of his followers, adding that  unfortunately most leaders are not trustworthy today and do often betray confidence reposed in them by their followers.

According to him, a youth leader is expected to be a counselor to his/her youths, stating that "once your youths discover that you are a basket-mouth leader in whom they cannot confide, forget about winning their heart.  You are a failure already. The way out is for you to renewed your sense of responsibility and accountability.

"Leadership in apostolic tradition demands that youths should be led to imbibe and embrace holiness and the doctrines of the apostles.  Unfortunately advancement in technology is doing a great havoc to the conduct of our youths today despite its numerous advantages. For instance, the negative influences of X-rated films, pornography, TV, Internet, Mobile phones, etc. that corrupt human mind, wastes mans time, and feed mans insatiable crave for pleasure is promoting sinful activities among our contemporary youths, thereby posing a great challenge to youth leadership."

"Most of our youths behave decently when at home under the roof of their parents or when they are in their home church. The experience these days is that immediately they gain admission into higher institutions they lose their identity.  Youths in apostolic tradition are expected to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. They are expected to go out and change their world but, unfortunately, the reverse is the case.They follow the ways of others. They find it difficult to follow the paths of Daniel and the three Hebrew brothers who were taken captives to Babylon but Babylon could not change them. Rather they changed Babylon and brought glory to the name of the Lord."

"In any organization where either the leader or the led or both are morally bankrupt, the organization becomes sickening and stinking. When a youth fellowship in the apostolic tradition experiences such, God is already caged out and His power and move can never be experienced. What then is the purpose of our gathering when God is conspicuously absent? Immorality has become order of the day among the contemporary youth."

Pastor Oladapo however said that Self-examination, rededication of life unto God and craving for holy living through the power of the Holy Spirit is the wayout.

He concluded that all leaders should rise above challenges by taking advantage of the available ways out.

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