INTERVIEW! Revolution is imminent in Nigeria —Prophet Akande

Prophet Timothy Funso Akande

Prophet Timothy Funso Akande, the presiding pastor of the popular Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Baba Abiye Prayer Mountain, Ede, Osun State, in this interview with NIGERIAN TRIBUNE speaks on Christianity and national issues. Excerpts:

As you turn 62 years old, what are your greatest testimonies?

Some people will say I don’t look my age. The secret is that I don’t carry many loads on my head; it is God that carries everything. So, my greatest joy at 62 is that I’m fulfilling my purpose, I’m touching lives. I’m impacting the state and beyond.

What is it that people don’t know about you?

I don’t think there is anything people don’t know about me. I don’t have anything that is hidden, and there is nothing secretive about me, but what some people don’t know about me is that I did not become wealthy on a silver platter. People that are closed to me know that I have been through a lot and I have been developing myself. I read lots of books; I don’t joke with anything that will boost my knowledge.

Most churches now do not preach the second coming of Christ. Instead, they focus on prosperity and wealth. Why has the latter become the order of the day?

It depends. A lot of clerics don’t know the principles of pasturing. This is why it is seen as being complicated. There are strategies of winning souls. For example, one of my children in the Lord held a crusade programme with the theme: “Rapture is at Hand,” and I just told my wife that no one would attend. People will hardly listen nor even attend such programme, especially with the economic situation in the country.

During the time of the Apostles, they said He was coming soon. And that was why they were selling their properties. You will firstly attract people with something; afterwards, you preach the second coming of Jesus to them, as well as preach repentance. I am not saying churches should not preach about salvation, but there must be a way to attract people not by posters and banners alone.

Despite the presence of churches in virtually every corner of the country, acts of lawlessness remain pervasive in the land. Why is it so?

It is a sign of the end-time. Somebody was asking me recently about the foundation of the many churches that spring up today. I replied him rhetorically: What did you use as the foundation of your own church? Even armed robbers attend churches. If we all condemn crime, who will remain holy?

As for me, I think one of the reasons we have a high rate of crime in the country is because of poverty. Even criminals are looking for refuge, and the only place they can hide is the church. When we’re in church, we are brothers and sisters, and above all we are one big family.

The scriptures say we should not judge, so how can one identify a sincere prophet?

The Bible says that “by their fruits, you shall know them.” Everybody should know that our ministration is in the Bible. Anybody that does something contrary to the Bible is not a genuine man of God. There are lots of them in the public space. Our first assignment is to the people.

Jesus Christ told his disciples that: “Feed my sheep with the word.” Part of our responsibilities is to cater for the needy, and build lives physically and spiritually. Many people that attend churches are not going because of spiritual problems; majority of them go because of various needs. The church has a lot of responsibilities. So, rather than taking advantage of the problems of members, we should always be Godly in all our endeavours.

How should the country tackle the issue of incessant bloodletting, especially in the Northern part of the country?

It is only a fool that will go to an armed man without being fully armed. This problem is beyond the physical. We need spiritual attention; we need to be brave. There is no other solution than prayer. Then, our leaders should take the bull by the horns. Besides, if we all come together as an entity to speak in one voice against the incessant killings, I am confident the bloodletting will stop. But, it is sad that we are all folding our arms. Nobody wants to lead or be quoted. In fact, some of us are enjoying the largess of the government. So, many people don’t want to talk.

What brought about the theme of this year’s Abiye convention, My glory, My destiny?

It was a revelation. The Lord revealed to me that there are three types of people. Those that are yet to discover their glories, the unfortunates and those that do not have the opportunity to explore their glory. So, the beginning of people’s problem is that they don’t know their portion on destiny.

The reason why we were born in Nigeria is unknown to us. The reason why you’re a journalist is unknown to you. But, if you don’t know, someone may die, and that is why you need destiny helpers so as to fulfill your destiny.

To what extent can Christians participate more in politics in Nigeria without compromising their faith?

The Bible says that Noah found grace during his time. So, it means that he was in the midst of sinners, but he didn’t compromise. As bad as people think Nigeria politics is today, we still have the righteous ones among them. I remember when I was at The Polytechnic Ibadan, in 1978. There was a time we wanted to write an examination. The examination question papers were leaked and almost everybody in my hostel had made copies and I didn’t know about it. So, it means God was isolating me since all these days.

So, we need to ask for the grace of God. Is it the way our fathers practised Christianity in the past we are practising it now? Did you know the Abiye convention is being attended by over 1,000,000 people, and if everybody should give N1,000 each; that is over N1,000,000,000, but that is human calculation, they will believe that as much as they are, we should merchandise them. Just like Gahazee said: “Why has my master speared this man?” They believe that anyone that comes to your church is in trouble. So, you should not spare them. Anybody that wants to participate in politics can obtain the grace of God.

What is your advice for the nation on the 2019 general election?

God will show mercy upon Nigeria. He will give us a man of His choice, and Nigeria shall be great again. Revolution is going to take place; I don’t know how or where, if we continue this way [there will be revolution]. Revolution can be divine. We need divine revolution. God can send anybody. God has been telling me since 1990 and he has not changed his mind since then. I want to urge our leaders across board to have the fear of God without pretence.

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