Happy birthday to Superintendent of Osogbo DCC, Pastor Obiwale

One of the blessings of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide is the DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Osogbo DCC, Pastor Gideon Oyewole Obiwale. The spiritual giant who was born on this day years ago has been a blessing not only to the church, but the world at large. God has helped to impacted so many lives in the ministry. One of such life is the Minister in Charge of Osogbo DCC English Assembly, Pastor E.O. Olowookere who wrote this about him; "Birthday, is not just a party day, nor a merry time
It is a day out of numerous days in a person's life. A day, whose impact can never be removed in one's life. A day that is responsible for one's fortune or otherwise. A day that can make or mar man's destiny
A day that reminds one of purpose, mission and attainment."

"For some, it's worth celebrating
For some, the celebration is unimportant, while some, could tagged it as sinful. It depends on what each person views."

"To this, as a reminiscence of a great achiever, great accomplisher, great pathfinder and personality whose life explained all what God's grace is is, I therefore make this to commemorate the birthday of my father, coach,  captain, and tutor, Pastor Gideon Obiwale
I thank grandpa (fondly called Father) and grandma (fondly called Mother) for their effort in seeing that he becomes whom God ordained him to be.
Moreover, with mummy Obiwale I strongly believe the adage that says "to every successful man, there is a woman behind him." No doubt, your role in this journey."

"I celebrate the man of great faith as today mark another turn of the day you were born to fulfill what you are fulfilling and will continue to fulfill.
Happy wombescapeday my Papa (baba oyinbo CAC)
May the Lord satisfy you early with His mercy, in your ministerial voyage you will land safely as promised by the Lord your caller!"


Exactly today in history (23rd Nov., 1964), the good news broke out in the compound of Pa Jacob Obiwale (aka Omo Jesu) at Erio Ekiti, as Madam Maria Obiwale delivered of a child, unique and comely, he was named Gideon Oyewole Obiwale on the eighth day naming custom.

Being a unique breed, he was given a best care so that he would live to fulfill destiny. He grew up schooling at Ado Ekiti before his eventual calling into the ministry.

Since the covenant of God had been established in the OBIWALE's lineage, his parents could not debarred him going into the ministry as early as he was conscious of the calling.
The vibrant evangelist, Gideon Obiwale became distinguished right from the seminary days at CACTS BSPE Ilesha, which gave him an edge in the ministry. He has been a minister of the Gospel for more than 30 years with which he has traveled to many countries for the advancement of the Gospel.
Ordained in the Christ Apostolic Church worldwide some 25 years ago, Pastor Gideon Obiwale had served in many assemblies of the Church such as: CAC Oke Agbara, Abeokuta; CAC Araromi, Ilesha; CAC Oke Aanu Idi Oro, Mushin Lagos (where he rose to the position of the DCC chairman then); CAC Festac town, Amuwo Odofin DCC; and at the present, CAC Latona, Osogbo DCC.

Pastor Gideon Obiwale is happily married to Mrs Comfort Obiwale and they are blessed with children.
Being a man anointed with the Word, prophetic and evangelistic ministry, he has to his credit and to the glory of God planted a number of assemblies for the Christ Apostolic Church and submitted same to the church authority. He is a prolific writer who has written nothing less than 10 books worth reading for edification, motivation and deliverance for Christian living.
To the glory of God, he has won many souls to the kingdom of God through his evangelical ministry both home and abroad.
Happy birthday daddy!


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