Five lessons I learned from the grand finale of CAC Centenary anniversary

Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide on Saturday November 24, 2018 held the grand finale of her centenary anniversary. 'Gbenga Bankole who was there writes on five lessons leaders and all members of the church should learn from the anniversary.

When the Authority of CAC Worldwide announced the intention to hold the centenary anniversary of the church at the General Council Meeting March this year, nobody knew the celebration would be as glorious and huge as this.

The celebration started at the beautiful city of Port Harcourt. From there it moved to Abuja, from Abuja to Lagos, then to Ibadan, before it was held in London. Undoubtedly the memory of the grand finale which was held last Saturday will continue to linger in the minds of many of us who were there.

The following are the lessons I learnt from the programme which was held at Babalola International Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State:

1. We can get it right as a church, if...: Irrespective of the castigation and criticism of some people who don't see anything good in our church, I believe we can get it. With God on our side, adequate preparation and putting square pegs in square holes, I am optimistic the future of the church looks brighter.

2. Honoring our late, past and present heroes and heroines is a step in the right direction:
The stanza three and four of Nigerian National Anthem says: "The labour of our heroes past, Shall never be in vain." Honouring our late, past and present heroes and heroines will encourage many youths of the church, particularly ministers to put in their best for Christ to be made known again like in 1930. It was indeed a memorable experience for the families and friends of some of our late icons who received awards. The trend must continue at all levels of the church. Our Ministers and Elders should be thinking of how to encourage those who are serving God wholeheartedly in our mission.

3. We need to start taking proper documentation of God's deeds in CAC: Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo said while delivering his speech at the anniversary that "The second responsibility of the church is that of accurately documenting the great works that God has done in these many decades through his apostles in Nigeria. I am a Professor of the law of evidence. My entire adult life I researched, published and argued about the primacy and validity of empirical proof. It is only what you can prove by logical evidence that is to be believed. But God opened my eyes to the evidence of things that are not seen as a demonstration of His power and His almightiness. This is why the testimonies of the great works of the men and women of the CAC must be documented properly and shared."

From the Assembly, District, Zonal/DCC, Regional and National levels, we must as matter of urgencies beginning to keep record of wonderful deeds of God in our midst. This will help not only our generation, but the unborn generations to truly believe we serve the living God in our mission.

4.The new altar: If there is something that added glamour to the anniversary, that must be the new altar. Although the altar is still under construction, when completed, it will add more glamour to the auditorium. By the time the altar is completed and other necessary works that needed to be done to the auditoriums are done, we should be having close to 40,000-seater auditorium.

5.All eyes now on us: With the visit of the Vice President, the eyes of not only the Federal Government, but the world at large are on us. We must be well organized more than before and put adequate measure in place that will attract the world to Babalola International Memorial Camp.


  1. Wonderful observation My Amiable Brother. May God continue to strengthen and sustain His Church

  2. Great and careful observations. May God help us to keep these legacies to the end

  3. Nice observation. God will strength the church more n more in Jesus name. Amen

  4. that is great, may God bless his church ijn

  5. that is great, may God bless his church ijn

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