Apostle Babalola was a minister of God who understood power of prayer- Dr. Olukoya

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya as described Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola has a minister of God who understood the power of prayers.

Dr. Olukoya disclosed this in the
dedication pages of the Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport books.

In his exact words; "Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola was a minister of God who understood the power of prayer. He was a man mightily used by God to ignite the fire of the first Christian revival in Nigeria in the 1930s. Brother J.A. and his team of aggressive prayer warriors entered forbidden forests, silenced demons that demanded worship and paralyzed deeply rooted, anti-gospel activities."

"Sometimes, beginning from the highest places, they openly disgraced satanic agents, emptied hospitals by the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, rendered witchdoctors jobless, and they started the first indigenous Holy Ghost filled church in Nigeria. So far - and we stand to be corrected - none has equaled, let alone surpassed this humble brother in the field of aggressive evangelism in this country."

Dr. Olukoya’s root is CAC. His father and mother were CAC members until their passage to glory. He was a bonafide member of the church and he is still much rooted and connected to his CAC  foundation, without any reservation.

He was an Evangelist in CAC. He started CAC Model Assembly at old Yaba road, Ebute-Metta. He first started in his apartment in Medical Research Institute around Yaba, before moving to old Yaba road.

Dr. Olukoya was in CAC until when the CAC crisis came up and he felt that this thing could strangulate the work of the ministry. This is because there were so many bottlenecks and rules. The authority of the church wanted to reorganize things because of the crisis so they were asking church planters and pioneers to sign letters, take oaths and submit their properties. Some people felt uncomfortable and that was why they left.

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