CAC @100: CAC gave birth to other indigenous Pentecostal churches in Nigeria- Pastor Oladokun

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Itire Districts’ Coordinating Council (DCC), Itire Lagos, Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun has stated that giving birth to other indigenous Pentecostal churches in Nigeria is one of the greatest achievements of CAC Worldwide.

Pastor Oladokun who noted that in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS noted that he is very happy to be a minister in the church.

In his words: “I want to say I am very excited being alive to witness the 100th anniversary since CAC has been walking with God. My father was very young when the church started. I was happy when he told me that Apostle Ayo Babalola came to our village in a particular night. He said people were tired waiting for him but my father was one of those who persevered and waited for him. My father told me that Apostle Babalola laid hands and prayed for him. I am always happy that I was in my father’s body when Baba Apostle prayed for him. My father later became a Pastor in the church and I thank God that I am also a Pastor too. My father died at the age of 80 as a CAC Pastor, but he never attained the position I have attained today in CAC. I am very happy God made me to witness the centenary celebration of the church and that is why I bought everything that was introduced to us as souvenirs for the centenary celebration for myself, my wife and my children.”

The cleric while commenting on why he thinks the 100 years are worth celebrating said: “the 100 years worth celebrating because CAC is a wonderful church and I thank God I am one of the Pastors in the church. The 100 years of CAC is not a joke. You know CAC is the first indigenous Pentecostal church in Nigeria and we gave birth to all other Pentecostal churches in Nigeria. I am very happy being one of the members and ministers of this great denomination. I am doing whatever I can do to contribute my quota to the celebration.  For example, I took it upon myself to do the jingle for Akinyele Centenary Revival. I also appealed to my church, CAC Itire DCC to air about 14 slots of the jingle on radio which they did. Since I am part of this celebration, I want to do it with all my heart. I also thank God I am a member of the Centenary Committee for Akinyele Region”

Pastor Oladokun while answering question on the uniqueness of CAC stated that “as CAC we are known with prayers. We pray rigorously in our church. CAC is unique because we are very accommodating. We accommodate other churches, orthodox churches inclusive. Some times when we go to these orthodox churches they don’t recognize us, but when they come to us we recognize and show love to them. CAC is also unique because ministers of God in the church are given freedom to use their gifts. There is no boundary for any called minster of God in the church. As ministers of God in CAC you can write books, you release  albums and do anything under the directive of the Holy Spirit. The leaders of the church are fathers indeed. CAC is also known for giving and evangelism. According to statistics, we have membership of about six million. Even though, we don’t shout about it, we thank God for what He is doing in the church. We accommodate members from other denominations and we don’t force them to join us.”
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