My advice to young Ministers of God- Pastor Bandele

Pastor Paul O. Bandele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The former and retired General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide Pastor Paul O. Bandele has urged young Ministers of God to know the God that called them.

The 8th General Superintendent noted this recently in an interview with CAC NEWS.

Pastor Bandele explained that;
"my advice to young ministers is that they should know the God who called them. They should know who they are working for. There are ministers who started in a day and they want to achieve same thing ministers who started 30years ago have achieved in a day. They only run after titles. They want to have cars like other Ministers without knowing the sacrifice those Ministers paid."

"Young ministers should have the mind of Jesus Christ. They should humble themselves and let God use them. I used to tell people that when God called me I didn’t ask him if he will make me a Pastor, District Superintendent or General Superintendent. What God told me was that I should follow him and he will make me a fisher of men. Every minister should borrow a leaf from that. They should follow Him and whatever he makes them they should be contented."

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