INTERVIEW: It is an honour to be a biological son of CAC President- Pastor Taiwo Akinosun

Pastor Taiwo Akinosun

Pastor Taiwo Akinosun is a biological son of the President of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun.  In this interview, Pastor Taiwo Akinosun speaks on how he felt the day Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun was announced as the President of the mission, the impending unification of CAC Worldwide and many more. EXCERPT!

Let’s meet you sir

By the grace of God, I am Pastor Taiwo Akinosun.  I am one of the Associate Pastors at Christ Apostolic Church Mercyfield Houston Texas under our father, the Superintendent of Texas DCC, Pastor Dr Kola Sonaike. The assembly is the headquarters of Texas DCC that currently has 24 assemblies and 5 districts.

How did you feel the day Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun was announced the President of CAC Worldwide?

I felt the greatness of God's faithfulness as he still answers prayers. Also I felt the same way every loving child feels seeing his parent progress.

How do you feel to be one of the biological children of CAC President?

I feel so privileged and humbled. Also, I'll say it’s such a honour to be identified with such an example of a true Christian leader at this time when the church needs revival.

How can you describe Pastor Abraham Akinosun?

I will describe him as a true disciple, The one who follows the footsteps of his master to letter. He is a true believer who is not a Christian by word but a practising one. Baba Akinosun's prayer life also is second to none. You cannot become so close to him without first becoming a prayer warrior. It is clear that this act of ceaseless, consistent prayer, coupled with faithfulness and the grace of God has brought him to where he is today. Above all, Baba Akinosun is a lover of children and a good example of a father not only to his children but also to other children out there.

How is your relationship with him?

He is my friend and confidant. We talk a lot about things including spiritual matters. We are so close also because he is transparent and always ready to give a listening ear whenever he thought it is necessary.

How has the ministry been, considering the fact that you are a biological son of the President?

The ministry has been quite fulfilling and challenging too. Fulfilling because I realized this is what I have been called by God to do, and finding myself on the same path which God has created for me has been the greatest thing that has happened and still happening to me. Being a biological son to the CAC President has also given me enormous reasons to stay humble and more careful too, not only in my conduct but also in words.

It is generally believed that majority of Pastors' children are always misbehaving. What do you think is responsible for this and what is the solution?

Thank you sir. Christians and every individual needs to understand what the ministry is in the first place. Pardon me to borrow the word of a pastor friend who says 'The ministry is not bread and butter'. The ministry in its true meaning is a battle ground, we and our family are vulnerable and open to attacks. The truth is you cannot declare war against the kingdom of the darkness then fold you arms and expect the devil not to strike back. We (Pastors/ministers) must understand that the family has the major importance in our ministry, we must give them (our family) quality time and attention too. We must understand the fact that we must get our family right if we are to be fulfilled and maintain the top in our calling/ministry. Above all, prayer should be an inevitable facet in our homes.

What is your opinion about the ongoing move to reunite CAC Worldwide?

I believe this move to reunite the church is prophetic! And we should see the manifestation of all these prophecies before our very eyes as great blessings to our generation. This church was established through the manifestation of the Holy Ghost and it is obvious that God is putting people and things in places for the manifestation of the much awaited re-awakening/ revival.

What is your message to the youth of CAC Worldwide, particularly those who are departing the church for other denominations?
I will like to encourage every youth of the church that the God of our fathers has not deserted us, we should rather go back to him and to the path of our fathers. The Israelites once had this challenge in the book of First Samuel when they saw other nations in another way better than themselves and did all they could to become whom God has not called them. Don't forget Israel had no human king around this time yet they were terror to their enemies. It is always good to admire and celebrate other people/denominations but it is also a problem when we go out of our way to be like them without a knowledge of whom God has called us to be. I was a pianist/organist in many of these churches and we should understand the fact that they have their differences too. I came back home because I realized something was missing. Though you may not be able to know what is missing until you know whom God has called you to be. I encourage all the youth to come together in that spirit of oneness and love. Let us love each other truly the way our fathers did and still are doing. It is then we can see clearly who we are and will be ready and willing to go out in the True Spirit of Revival....


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