Pastor Aluko to CAC Members: Be the Rechabites of this generation

CAC Worldwide Director of Sunday School, Pastor S.O Aluko

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Director of Sunday School, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor S.O Aluko has urged members of the mission to be the Rechabites of this generation in terms of faithfulness and obedience to God and the Authority of the church.

Pastor Aluko who stated this at the weekend while ministering on the theme "The Rechabites" at the Men's Summit organized by Royal Home Foundation International (RHFI), held in CAC Vineyard of Mercy DCC headquarters said that God expects obedience from us at all time and He also wants to be proud of us.

He noted that the Rechabites were known for their strict rules to abstain from wine, from building houses, from sowing seed, and from planting vineyards (Jeremiah 35:6–7), adding that they were faithful to abide by these rules through the generations, all the way from the time of Jehu (2 Kings 10:15) to the time of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 35:8–10)—over 200 years.

According to him, God used the faithfulness of the Rechabites to teach an important lesson to His people, saying that God expects absolute faithfulness from us in this generation.

"If God was never partial with David, Abraham and others, He can never be partial in dealing with you. He rewards according to someone's deed. The Rechabites stood firm against assimilating into the culture of their time. They were commended by God for their faithfulness and obedience to their father. The Rechabites are an example of steadfastness. God desires His people to live in obedience and steadfastness to Him," Pastor Aluko said.

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