My vision for Akinyele Region- Pastor Yusuf

Akinyele Regional Superintendent, Pastor M.O

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Regional Superintendent of Akinyele Region, Pastor M.O Yusuf has unveiled his vision for the region.

In an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS, Pastor Yusuf disclosed his plan to develop ministers of God in the region in order for them to be bible oriented both morally and theologically, adding that he will start with the DCC, Zonal and District Superintendents.

He also noted that the region will organise a regional crusade and powerful programmes for the youth.

"I know I have a big task ahead of me and that is why I have been asking people to support me with their prayers. Anybody who love the God and the church should go into prayer and fasting at least once in a week to pray for Akinyele Region in order for the region to progress and be a model for other regions,"

"I want everyone in the region starting from the ministers of God to be educated. We need to educate ourselves. If the Lord can help me to be educated up to higher institution level, I don’t think any minister should hesitate to study more. Although academic prowess is not what matter most, what matter most is spiritual and moral development so that we will be good example for others to follow. However, academic prowess is also very important,"

"The ministers should know that ministry is not for money making, it is to serve the Lord. My first vision is to develop the ministers of God in order for them to be bible oriented both morally and theologically. I will start with the DCC, Zonal and District Superintendents. We look for a central place to organize two or three days seminars for them. The Regional Headquarters at Ebute Elefun may be too cumbersome for them to come because of the distance considering we have ministers from far places in Ogun state, but we will look for a venue that will be very assessable for all. Oke Igbala, Olorunsogo or Agege may possibly be considered,"

"After that we will start monitoring them as it was when I started Sunday school in CAC Worldwide so that the standard of our fathers will not drop and it will come into display,"

"The ministry is not money making. Today some people are running after titles. They want to be DS, ZS or DCC Superintendents. There are districts and zones that are not viable. Only one or two church become district. That is not the interest of the authorities of the church. At least a district should have three assemblies. I am praying earnestly that God should help me to achieve this for His glory,"

"My prayer for all the regional superintendents including myself is that God should give us extraordinary ability to bring development to the church even to the grassroots level. We will make use of the young once and the youth maximally for the expansion of the gospel. The first assignment stated in my letter is that the region was created for the expansion and growth of the church. All DCCs and Zones have drastic work to do regarding planting of churches,"

"We are organizing regional crusade and special programmes for the youth. Thank God somebody from here in Lagos bought 10heacters of land in Ijebu-Ode and gave it to CAC authority. We can use that place as revival ground for Akinyele region. It is good to organize programmes at stadium but we cannot be there forever,"

"We also have it in mind to have a mission department for Akinyele region. We will have a mission department where missionaries will be sent to other countries. DCCs and Zones will shoulder some mission fields.  We will work together with the mission department in Ibadan to achieve this," he stated.
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