Floating in the Sinking by Evang. Sunday Jaiyeola

Evang. Sunday Jaiyeola

Text: Job 22:29

It has been established that God has an exemption and distinction plan for his people.  Jeremiah 11:29
This implies that we as God's children are not permitted to experience the calamity the rest of the world is facing.
It therefore vital to understand the exemption and distinctive plan God has for His people.

Why is the understanding of God's exemption plan necessary?
1. Understanding birth pursuit (Elijah - Elisha)
2. Understanding fuels faith (Rom 10:17)
3. Understanding makes outstanding existence. It makes people standout in life (Isaiah 60:1)
4. Understanding brings triumph

Scriptural examples of persons that God exempted and distinguished from others in their generation:
1. Noah - Gen 6:5-9, 7-23
2. Abraham - Gen 12:9-11, 13:1
3. Jacob - Gen 30:27

What to do to float in the sinking world
1. Trust God for the understanding of His word concerning your life
2. Make Holy Spirit your intimate companion
3. Endeavor to be in the will of God per time
4. Positive confessions about your life
5. Be committed to covenant of tithing and giving
6. Always believe that God has a perfect and glorious plan for you in whatever situation you may find yourself.

Food for Thought 
1. What is not understood is never pursued
2. God has already programmed your life to be different
3. What you believe is a vehicle to where you arrive
4. To be connected to God is to an atmospheric changer
5. To look up to man is to limit your destiny.

Stay Lifted

Message by:
Evang. Sunday Jaiyeola
CAC Oke -Agbara,  English Assembly,
Opeyemi street,
New Gbagi Area
Ibadan, Oyo State.
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