CACYOF LASPOTECH, Virtue Reinansance Academy, POLM to hold Holiness By Fire programme

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship ( CACYOF), Lagos State Polytechnic Chapter, in conjunction with Virtue Reinansance  Academy (VirRA) and Peace in Our Land Ministry (POLM) has concluded arrangements to hold "Holiness By Fire" programme.

Virtue Renaissance Academy (VirRA) is a movement and ministry commissioned to raise virtuous citizens of heaven on earth,  through every godly means possible. The vision is to see the rise of Christians who would live virtuous lives with impeccable character and values, in this present evil world.

Peace in Our Land Ministry is an intercessory ministry commissioned to engage prayer and God's Word for apostolic manifestations that would bring ensue peace and fulfilment in lives, homes,  and the nations.

CAC NEWS gathered that the programme will hold on Friday 13th April 2018, by 11pm, at the worship centre of CACYOF LASPOTECH.

The Convener of  Virtue Reinansance Academy, Brother Moses Adio told CAC NEWS that the main purpose of the programme is to engage the Word of God and Prayer to bring about deliverance and sanctification in the life of each participant.

Commenting on the theme of the programme, Adio said that fire can consume to destruction, but it can also purify and cleanse.

According to him, it is God's will that people should be delivered from all Satanic entanglements and be made entirely holy, noting that to accomplish this,  God's power sometimes works in the similitude of fire to deliver and purify willing souls (Isaiah 6:5-7.  Mark 9:49. Revelations 3:18).

He further explained that  some sincere Christians sometimes find it difficult to consistently live the life of holiness that God desires, and keep struggling to live right, until they are wholly delivered from certain entanglements and yokes.

"Participants should expect the Word and Prayers that will orchestrate God's holy will in their lives. We trust God for the breaking of old addictions and habits that have held people down. And, of course, there shall be moments of worship with music too," he disclosed.

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