Any church that want to last must release its vision to the youth- Pastor Adeyemi

Pastor Doyin Adeyemi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Senior Pastor, Christ Apostolic Church, Light of the World Zonal Headquarters Ikorodu Lagos, Pastor Doyin Adeyemi has said that any church that does not release its vision to the Youth will not last, saying that in the plans of God youth are the major focus.

The Cleric stated this while ministering on the topic "Today's Youth for Kingdom Relevance" at the one day Spiritual Empowerment Seminar for Youth Leaders organized by CACYOF Light of the World Zone at the weekend.

He further noted that any church that does not carry the youth along in its purpose will have issues in the future.

According to him, when God wants to make a change in any generation, he raises a youth or youths.

Pastor Adeyemi said that a deliberate conscious and pragmatic effort must be put in place to draw the youths out of obscurity to occupy challenging position that will bring out the strength that God has endowed them with.

"One of the most potent weapons in God's arsenal down the generation to achieve his purpose has been the youth. Apostle Paul admonished Timothy not to allow himself to be intimated (1Tim 4:12). The young men are designed to be visionary and full of exploits. Church history is loaded with godly youths who turned their world upside down. Examples of men in church history are: Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charlie G. Finney, Aimee Semple McPherson, Kathryn Khulman, Joseph Ayo Babalola and others," he said.

Teaching young people the word of God, going back to the basics, mentoring, training and delegation of duties according to him are suggested ways of helping today's youth.

Pastor Adeyemi also told the youths that if they are to become leaders of tomorrow, they must start leading now.

He continued that; " As a youth, you are not too young to manage what God has placed into your hand. Wherever God has placed you now is a place He knows you can handle."

According to him, qualities of a godly youth are vision, bravery, knowledge of God, righteousness, purpose, faith, service, patience, wisdom and martyr.

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