How to live a balance life

Mr Sola Olatunji

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

Christian youths all over the world have been implored not to allow their careers or marriage to destroy their relationship with God as this will help them to leave a balanced live.

Mr. Sola Olatunji made this known yesterday Sunday 11thMarch 2018, while delivering a lecture on the topic “Balance Your Life” at the Inter-Denominational Youth Gathering programme organized by Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Isegun Aguda Districts Headquarters  Lagos.

He noted that a balanced life is a life that gives equal opportunity to every aspect of human endeavour without allowing any to suffer, saying that many lives are what they are because they failed to give it the needed attention.

Olatunji also said that a balanced life is a life that is spent in Christ, purpose, vision, planning, preparation, time management, management of men, money and materials.

According to him, to leave a balanced life, spiritual life, career, marriage, social life, financial life, future life and health life must be given equal attention.

While commenting on marriage, the expert said; “Your marriage is the second most important aspect of your life after your spiritual life. Never be too busy working for God to the detriment of your marital life. Never become a career man/woman to the extent that nobody will desire to marry you. Read books, magazines, listen to CDs on marriage, attend seminars, school, etc to enhance your marital life. As far as possible, avoid any transfer that will take you away from your spouse. Singles should not be ashamed to introduce themselves as single. All career women should know there is a time to retire all careers. They should therefore wake up to start a family.”

He urged the youth not to be anti-social because they are born again, adding that they should not go to every party because they are looking for partner.

Olatunji implored the youths to learn how to relate with friends and develop a good human relationship, know how to make friends and influence people, learn to keep a relationship without sex, be a good neighbor, be generous, simple and friendly and learn how to say “I am sorry.”

“Never jeopardize your health because of your spiritual life; marriage, career, money etc. Have time to rest, spend your leave to rest, not run after money of business, learn to delegate, use machines where necessary, jog and exercise your body, eat balanced diet and break your fast with good food,” he said.

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