Cleric to Sisters: Be the Deborah of this generation

Lady Evangelist Titilope Olasehinde ministering

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christian Sisters across the globe have been urged to be the "Deborah" of this generation by imbibing godly characters.

Lady Evangelist Titilope Olasehinde of CAC Greater Light Assembly Ikotun stated this while ministering on the theme "Who Am I" yesterday Saturday 17thMarch, 2018 at the Interdenominational Sisters' Seminar organized by the youth department of Christ Apostolic Church, Odi Olowo Districts Coordinator Council (DCC).

She noted that Deborah was a woman of wisdom which made people to be coming to her for counsel and guidance.

According to her, Deborah was approachable that was why she was sought after, explaining that she would sit under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the mountains of Ephraim, there children of Israel came to her for judgment.

Evangelist Olasehinde stated that Deborah spent time with God and understood what God wanted for His people.

"Deborah was a Leader of Leaders. As a sister you need to dream to be like her. Deborah leads Barak in his decision making process. She accompanies him into battle, continuing to instruct him in what he should do," she said.

She advised sisters to be courageous and understand their roles and leaders.

She further stated that looking at the life of Deborah, it grieves her heart over the wasted, broken and disoriented ladies she came across in her day to day activities.

"I wonder what ladies are taking themselves for. I wonder if you realize what God deposited in you as a lady. I wonder if you realize why God made you from a finished product. I wonder if you have an idea why God gave your multi-task brain. I wonder if you realize God created you as a lady because men can't live without a super being like you. I wonder if you know, without you in his life, he will remain irresponsible. I wonder if you realize God created you to put salt into this world. I wonder if you realize God created you as a neck to make head move from one place to another, without you in his life he will remains stagnant. Are you still living the life of after all, all the education I acquired will end in the kitchen? Are you still depriving yourself of great opportunities because some people says, you are a lady, you can't do it? Are you still under the limitation of gender?" she said.

The Cleric noted that as a lady you're carrying a great wealth of potential with you, but due to lack of good orientation, proper guidance and self confidence; believing you're inferior being to a man, it gives you a set back as a lady in every aspect of life.


  1. This is a great lesson for ladies of this generation. God bless you ma.

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