The Golden feet and Golden feat by Stephen Adebayo

Firstly, I will like to tender my sincere, heartfelt and profound apology to the numerous viewers and readers of the feature segment of this great tabloid (CAC world news): which is gradually taking a giant stride to bridging the gap of information deficiencies in our dear mission, for the break in my weekly write up.

It is coming due to clashing of programmes which needs to be sorted out. As we all know that nothing good comes easy and cheap and there is always a price to pay for every good and solid achievements, the notable world inventors in their own time pay some terrible, huge and agonizing sacrifice for all the technological development and advancement we are witnessing today, came into play.

In thesame vien, the blessings, developments and terrific achievements we are witnessing now in Christ Apostolic Church has gone through the sacrificial furnace of tenacity, constant, aciduous and aggressive prayers and fasting, sleeplessness, planning, undeterred dedication, relentless commitment and persecution of our founding fathers.

Record has it that Apostle Babalola will go on several marathon fasting and prayer for the church, sometimes neglecting his family for weeks, from one mountain to another in the bid to fill up the prayer reservoir that will sustain the church in the time of trouble. It is of good note that, all we are enjoying today in Christ Apostolic Church is the dividends of the prayers of Apostle Ayo Babalola. There are other Nehemiah’s of old since the inception of the church and aside Babalola, we have Oba I.B Akinyele who singlehandedly donated the expanse of land CAC Missionary Headquarters is sited till today, Pastor Odubanjo the man who spearheaded the affiliation of the church with the European church (an era of the church emancipation), the likes of Pastor Olutimehin, Medaiyese, Orekoya, Esinsinade, Odusona and etal were instrumental to the spiritual evolution of the church.

Coming to this dispensation, the Christ Apostolic Church in history will not forget regardless of any controversy, the effort of the brain behind the administrative and infrastructural renovations and revolution in CAC, Pastor Dr. Elijah Howard Lajuwomi Olusheye and as long as JABU will continue to exist in history, Olusheye will continue to live on even to the unborn generation.
In this context, permit me to borrow the scriptural reference which states that “ How beautiful are the feet of those who walk on the mountain, bringing good tidings” I will rather say “How golden are the feet of those who toiled on the field, spurring the unification of Christ Apostolic Church”. This “golden feat “as I termed it, has been on the desk for quite a long time.

Some notable ministers in Christ apostolic church has tried all their best in their own time to see this materialize but they eventually kiss the soil without seeing any green light of the unification. The leaders of the supreme council who have also gone yonder would have loved to see this happen when they were alive.

This made me to remember a popular yoruba adage which says “ Oba to je ti ilu roju, oruko re ko ni pa re, beeni Oba to je ti ilu ba je, oruko re ko ni pa re bakanna” meaning history and posterity will never forget a bad king or a good king”.

This will make me give a standing ovation to these men with a golden feet, Pastor (Dr.) Abraham Olukunle Akinosun ( president of general executive council faction of CAC) and Pastor Olagunju( president of supreme council faction of CAC), for performing the golden feat of finally uniting the church in their own time as president. Their names have eventually entered the golden book of history in CAC and I think generations to come will emulate their godly character because it takes a man with a large heart and humility to have done what they did.
Conclusively, to the present generation and to the unborn generation in Christ Apostolic Church, I present to you Pastor A.O Akinosun and Pastor Olagunju, the golden feet that has won the golden feat.

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