REVEALED ! Apostle Ayo Babalola was not born in Odo Owa

There have been misconceptions about where the father of Pencostalism in Africa who is also the first General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Late Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola was born. CAC NEWS Publisher, 'Gbenga Bankole who was in Odo Owa for the annual All Nations'  Holy Pilgrimage to Odo Owa writes:

Undoubtedly, it is generally believed that Apostle Babalola was born in Odo Owa, Kwara state. All the reports I have read about his  birth stated the great Apostle was born in Odo Owa. However, it must be noted that God used him mightily for His glory in Odo Owa, but he was not born  there.

Brief history of the legend

He was born on the 25th of April 1904 to the family of late Pa David Lawani Rotimi and Madam Martha Talabi Rotimi. His father was a devout Christian and was also the founded CMS church at Ilofa/Odo-Owa, the church was in sixteen other towns then. Babalola was brought up as an Anglican.

He was brought to Lagos by his Uncle Mr. M.O. Rotimi who was a teacher at C.M.S. he went to elementary school at Oto-Awori near Badagry before he went to Methodist school at ago ijaye in ebute meta Lagos for just 2 years before he was enroll again at All saint M.C.S school in Osogbo, Osun State where he study to Nigeria Reader IV (primary 4) where he stop his education to learned Blacksmith for two years. He also learned Roller Driver under P W D (Public Works Department), he became a Steamroller Operator then under the control of the whites, learning to become a Steamroller Driver.

After 15 days of learning how to drive the caterpillar, he was able to drive it without any assistance. After nine months; he became a master in his class. He became the prophet of God in 1928 when God called him. It was while he was working as steamroller along Akure – Ilesha road in October 9th 1928 about 12.00 noon by the river Ariran that he heard a loud voice from above like the roaring of thunder which called his name thrice saying “Joseph! Joseph!! Joseph!!! Leave this job you are doing; if not, this year you are going to be cut off from the earth.” Again On 11 October 1928, while trying to repair his machine, he heard an audible voice from the Lord to abandon the job and start preaching. That is how he received the call and he went into fasting and prayer. It goes on and on...

His real place of birth

While at Odo Owa for the annual spiritual fiesta, I was taken to a village where the great Apostle was born. Without no blaming, the evidence that this spiritual Juggernaut was born in this village was there. Apostle Babalola was given birth to at AGBONIYUN IKOTUN-ILE, Oke-Ero Local Government Area, Kwara state. It must be noted that the village is not too far from Odo Owa.

I gathered that when Babalola was born, a thunder striked which indicated that a powerful son had arrived the land of the living. I also gathered that the thunder came upon a particular spot and immediately a river emerged from the place. I personally saw the river. The water of the river was used to bath Apostle Babalola. It may interest you to know that the river is still there till today. Uncountable miracles have happened through the river. Yours Sincerely also took from it to birth and drink. People from several part of the country and across the globe come almost on daily basis to take from the water.

This is the river Babalola bath

It must be said that Odo Owa unarguably cannot be erased from the biography of  Babalola. It is a place God used him to do  laudable spiritual works. God used him to deliver the village from evil spirits and demons. The place that was known as 'Igbo aiwo' before the ministry of Babalola, turned to a mountain  people come for prayers. Till today the first altar of Babalola is still there.

This is Apostle Babalola first pulpit

It can never be a waste of time or energy if you go there for tourism. Infact as far as I am concern, Odo Owa and   AGBONIYUN IKOTUN-ILE is the number one tourist centre CAC Worldwide should be boast of. If it is well packaged and marketed, it can be another source of income for the church.


  1. It's really nice seeing this, u wish to be there soon and also partake in God's blessing through his son.i use to think it's osun state I will head to but now I know it's kwara state, may the Lord continue to bless us all

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