Moving forward does not happen by chance but by choice- Pastor Oladokun

Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun

By Shokanbi Gbemisola

The new Suprietendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Iyanu Itire, Districts Coordinator Council (DCC), Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun has
said that moving forward does not happen by chance but by choice.

He also disclosed that when a believer decides to move forward he will then be endowed with power.

Pastor Oladokun stated this yesterday Sunday 4th February, 2018 while preaching on the theme “The Power to go Forward" during the church service.

The Cleric noted that God’s desire for all believers is to keep moving forward in anything they are doing.

He defined moving forward as promotion; enlargement; being lifted up; moving to a higher or better place in life, saying that it can be swift or slow but it cannot be stagnant.

Pastor Oladokun further explained the five prophecies of moving forward which are stationary must start moving forward; what is crawling must start walking; what is walking must start running; what is running must start flying and what is flying must keep going higher and higher.

He said no man should ever be satisfied with wherever he is.

"If you don’t go forward you will be backward. God desires and command man to move forward. Being stationary results to stagnancy and ruin. Going forward is the entire message of God to his people. Your going forward determines your future. You must be an overtaker and not an undertaker; and also be among the best and not among the rest," he said.

He highlighted the areas to move forward which include; spiritually i.e. moving closer to God; family i.e. there must be joy and peace in the family and if there is no peace in the home your life will be pieced.

He further stated that business is another area someone needs to move forward, saying that making profit is a sure progress of business.

Pastor Oladokun said moving forward from poverty to wealth and from being comfortable to flourishing is another area someone needs to move forward.

He concluded the message by giving the hindrances and adversaries to going forward which are; secret sin; disobedience and stubbornness; and curse

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