INTERVIEW! Looking back, there is no regret in my life- Pastor Akinosun

Pastor (Dr.) Abraham Olakunle Akinosun

The celebrant of today, who happens to be the President of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor (Dr) Abraham Olakunle Akinosun in this interview, tells how he got into the ministry and his growing up days.Excerpts:

Where did you spend your childhood?

I grew up in an average and humble family. But for the administrative genius of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who introduced free education, some of us would not have gone to school. We also thank God for his followers like the late Chief Bola Ige and the late Adekunle Ajasin.

 I was born in a village called Deooye, but my family home is in Isale Afaa area of Beere in Ibadan. I attended St. Mathew’s Primary School, Isabe, near Akinyele in the outskirt of Ibadan.

After my primary education, I went to Ibadan City Water Works where I was trained in plumbing and fitting between 1961 and 1964. I sat for the Government Trade Test Grade Two and after that, I worked with many companies across Nigeria.

I started with a company in Lagos, which executed several water projects in Ekiti. I later moved to Drake and Score in Jos. The company dealt in refrigeration, plumbing and fitting works. I also worked with Julius Berger and G Cappa before I resigned to attend Bible Training College in Akure in 1973.

What led to your resignation?

In 1972, the Lord revealed Himself to me in a vision reminding me of the vision I had in 1956 when I was in Primary Two. He said whether I liked it or not, I would be His minister and I should be praying for the willingness to accept Him. I did not want Him to force me to heed the call so I resigned to begin ministration.

I completed the Bible training in 1975 but I did not wait for my posting. A church leader from Ilaro begged me to work with him in his church at Oja-Odan, near Ilaro in Yewa area. During this period, I began to hear voices and vision from God, telling me that he did not send me to Oja-Odan. He told me that He had a different assignment for me.

I spent only one month in the church at Oja-Odan and returned home to meet three letters to go and report at Yaba in Lagos. I obeyed the instruction and moved to Lagos for three years before going abroad for further Bible studies. I studied at Bible institutes in Germany, Sweden and Belgium. I returned to Nigeria in 1981.

Did your parents support your decision to become a pastor?

Initially, they did not accept the idea. When I narrated my vision of 1956 to them, they said no. My mother later died in 1957 but my father was still not happy with me. At the time, he was not fully converted to Christianity but after that was done; he accepted my decision to work for God.

Did your siblings also accept your decision?

When I resigned in 1972, my brother was not happy about it. My wife, who knew I had a call before our wedding, was not happy with my decision. I told her it was time for me to heed the call of God. She took the case to my family and even those who were not Christians among them but I stood my ground. I told her I had to go into the ministry because the 1972 vision was clear. God said I would be the leader of His church in the future.

Apart from your family, what were the other hurdles you faced at the initial stage?

Nobody can say that he is spiritually sufficient without the help of God. After my resignation, I did not know how I spent what I had saved over the years in preparation for the work of God. I had a wife and a child and I had to settle them before going. I suddenly realised that I had no money again. I was almost discouraged and I almost approached one of our elders for financial assistance. But God surprised me in a big way. He provided the money for my two-year Bible training.

What is your view about life?

Life is a free gift from God to be used for His work. Looking back, there is no regret in my life. When I was young, I was busy working for God. There was no spare time for The Devil to influence me in any way. My peers in Isale Afaa would tease me for going to church frequently. I hardly slept at home. After work, I would join the prayer group called Light of the World in the church, spreading the gospel. So, looking back now, I have the joy to say that I have had a fulfilled life and hoping for more from God. Anyone who is not born again is living a loose life.

How was the transition from being a church member to the head of the church?

We cannot compare the two halves. Even when I was a catechist, it was a much higher position than being a member. People know that when I am offended, God fights for me always. As you go up, many people will be against you but God intervenes on our behalf. In 2003, it was clear that I would be the President of the church after Pastor Elijah Olusheye.

Some people came to me and told me not to seek revenge when I ascended the throne. I told them since I was not God; I could not decide who had done wrong and who should be punished. So, the position of a pastor, district superintendent or chairman is different from being the head of the church. I have occupied all these positions and climbed all the ladders in CAC to reach where I am today.

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