Four powerful reasons you must run from premarital sex on Valentine's Day

By Sunday Akanni Moshood 

For many young ones, what makes February a 'special month'? The 14th day of course - Valentine's Day!

And unfortunately, February 14th is now a day synonymous with sexual immoralities, which young ones 'celebrates' with sex. 

Many are already planning to sleep around on Valentine's Day (as they believed that is how best to celebrate it). But take your time to see these Four Powerful Reasons You Must Run From Premarital Sex On Valentine's Day.

1. It Makes You Unguarded And Open To Attacks: If you want to go far in life, you must take spiritual things more serious. The physical things that happens around us that we can see with our eyes, are mere reflections of the things that had already happened in the spiritual realm. 

In the spiritual realm, everytime, every moment,  the evil devil and his evil cohorts keeps roaming about looking for those to destroy. 

However, you are being guarded by God your Creator in the spiritual realm, as He has put a hedge of protection around you that prevents evil darts from the evil ones from getting to you. 
But once you had premarital sex, you commit a sin that makes you slip away from God's hedge of protection. Sin separates man from God - God is a Holy God Who won't have anything to do with the dirt of sin. 

This will open you to attacks from satan and his evil ones (spiritual attacks, physical attacks, financial attacks, health-related attacks, marital attacks, etc).

2. It Can Send You To Your Untimely Grave: You should agree by now that the richest place in the world is the graveyard - because many people (especially young ones) died unfulfilled. Those meant to be great inventors, scientists, lawyers, politicians, sport men/women, writers, etc, died untimely without becoming what they are destined to be. 

NOTE THIS: Many Of Them Dug Their Graves With Their Own Hands While They Were Still Alive 

Premarital sex is sending people (especially our young ones with bright futures) to their early untimely graves. Sexual Transmitted Diseases keeps killing our youngsters every year. Do you know thousands of young people have died as a result of HIV? Condoms? Condoms can't help them! 

After having premarital sex and getting an 'unwanted pregnancy', many ladies resorted to abortion. As a lady, when you have sex this Valentine Day and you get pregnant, what will you do? Abortion? Listen, IT CAN SEND YOU TO YOUR UNTIMELY GRAVE! According to reports, about 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion every year! 

Why not just run away from premarital sex and wait till you get married to enjoy sex comfortable? 

Those babies being aborted (they are murdered), you are sending them too to their untimely graves because they also have their own lives to live and destinies meant to fulfilled. Indeed, premarital sex sends people to their early graves! 

3. You Will Defile The Temple Of God, And There Are Severe Punishments For That: Some young people would say 'It's my body, I can live the way I like'. 

What is that supposed to mean? Did you create yourself? No of course! God created you well, and He wants your body to be a temple He can dwell (because He loves you)

In the Bible, according to 1 Corinthians 6, you do not belong to yourself, but to God. And your body should not be used for sexual immoralities, but to serve the Lord (because He has bought you with a price by sending His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for your sins).

God being the Creator of sex has ordered that all manner of sexual activities must be between a husband and his wife in the safe confine of their marriage union, with no other party involved. 

Any other thing is a sin to God. When you commit a sin, you are insulting God - and it will attract punishments. What you sow is what you reap. If you are disobedient to God, you will definitely be punished. God knows everything (He is the wisest). If God asked us not to do something, it is for our own good. 

4. It Can Lead You To Hell Fire: Gone are the days when only old people die constantly. Today, many young people are dying on a regular basis. What if it's your turn to die this Valentine week? What if you die on your way home after fornicating on Valentine's Day? What if you die the next day? 

What if Jesus even comes when you are on that bed of immorality? And let me tell you with full confidence that JESUS CHRIST will come anytime soon! He might even come back for His saints on Valentine's Day, or the next day. 

Where will you find yourself when you die, or when Jesus comes. Heaven, or Hell? Live carefully as if the trumpet will sound (or you will die) the next minute. 

And if you are wise, you will avoid all forms of sins, including premarital sex on Valentine's Day and beyond. 

God bless you for reading. 

Sunday Akanni Moshood 
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