Everything to know about CAC policies on regions

CAC Worldwide President, Pastor (Dr.) Abraham Akinosun

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It is no longer news that the authority Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide has created 12 regions for the ease running of the church.

Incase you don't know or you have forgotten, the following are the regions;

1. ADELAJA Region -Kano & Yola Conference Centres @ KANO (Pastor S.N.Maichibi)

2. MEDAYESE Region -Part North/Middle Belt @ ABUJA (Pastor G.C.Osuigbo)

3. OLUTIMEHIN Region -Port Harcourt Conference Centre @ P/HARCOURT (Pastor E.O. Ichelu)

4. BABALOLA Region -Oyo & Osun States @ IBADAN (Pastor M.O.Oyepetun)

5. ODUBANJO Region -Ondo & Ekiti States @ AKURE (Pastor S.O.Akinsulure)

6. HANSON Region -Edo & Delta States @ BENIN CITY (Pastor H.E.Edovie)

7. ODUSONA Region -Eastern States @ ENUGU (Pastor E.T.Ogunyinka)

8.BABAJIDE Region -Kwara & Kogi States @ ODO-OWA (Pastor M. A.Ogundeji)

9. AKINYELE Region -Lagos & Ogun States @ LAGOS (Pastor M.O.Yusuf)

10. LATUNDE Region - All America/Canada @ CAC VILLAGE, AMERICA (Pastor T.A.O.Agbeja)

11. ANOSIKE Region- All Europe @ LONDON (Pastor Medayese)

12. OROGUN Region - Other Africa Countries @ GAMBIA (Reg.Suptd to be appointed)

As a CAC member or lover of the church,  there are important facts you need to know about the new regional administrations. According to a circular obtained by CAC NEWS, signed by CAC Worldwide General Secretary, Pastor E.E Mapur, the following are the church policies on regions:

a. A region shall be created to operate with a number of District Coordinator Councils (DCCs), Zonal Councils with defined geographical boundaries cutting across state boundaries of Nigeria and overseas.

b. A regional council shall be composed of Superintendents of all the DCCs and Zones in the region, and the appointees of the President of the church.

c. (i) Regional executives Council shall comprises of selected DCC/Zonal Superintendents and elders of tested and exemplary character, as well as other worthy appointees of the Regional Superintendent not more than 30 members of comprising 20 Pastors and 10 Elders without prejudice to people who may be in attendance on ad-hoc basis with a life span of four years, to be forwarded to the church authority for approval.

(ii) only elders of tested and exemplary character not less than ten years experience as elders, highly proficient and literate in spoken and written English shall be appointed.

(iii) The tenure of the regional executives shall be four years renewable for a second and final term of four years, for avoidance of doubt no member of the regional council shall serve for more than a total number of eight years consecutively or otherwise.

d. Subject to the direction and control of the President, the regional council or regional executive council shall assist the Regional Superintendent to mobilize members of the church in the region for the effective execution of church policies, programmes and projects, and to advise on cases referred to her on such matter at finance, investment, discipline of church workers and members, posting and so on.

e. Funding of the regional council shall in the main be through levies from DCCs and Zones as well as voluntary donations from individuals, groups and associations. The regional finance committee shall be similar to that of the church finance committee in composition, function and tenure.


i. All recommended appointment into regional councils are to be forwarded to the General Secretariat for approval and issuance of letters of appointment.

ii. At the expiration of their four years, the church authority shall efficiently dissolve the council and reconstitute them.

iii. Induction service and inauguration of the regions and regional Superintendents shall be conducted by the church authority.


  1. Am not see Akwa ibom/Cross river In this list às a region.Does CAC here not part of CAC worldwide?

    1. I think it should be under Hanson region or Olutimehin

    2. It is under olutimehin region

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