CACYOF Oke-Iye DCC Ondo to hold annual 5days revival

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The annual five days revival of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Iye Districts Coordinator Council (DCC) Headquarters, Oka Akoko Ondo state will hold from Monday February 26th to Friday 2nd of March 2018.

The theme of the programme which starts by 5pm daily is Enough is Enough.

The Convener of the programme, Pastor Ologunaye-Jacobs told CAC NEWS that the spiritual fiesta tagged the "God of our Fathers" is a yearly prayer programme in his country home; Ọkà Àkókó in Ondo State, Nigeria, saying that though he was not birthed there but that's where he hailed from.

He said that the programme is founded by God Himself to reach out to the people with the word of God and prophetic prayers.

The Assembly Pastor of CAC House of Judah Ibadan stated that what gave birth to the programme was God's instruction.

"While on my bed in the Seminary, precisely Christ Apostolic Church, Theological Seminary, Òpá Ilé Ife main campus, God gave specifically three messages, One for the women, the youth and the last one is about the programme itself.

"Ab-initio, I was so reluctant about the message, because after the message was given by God, I now gave myself a message of impossibility and what people will say about the programme because I was just a seminarian.

"I was afraid of what people will say, that, why did he want to rush out? what did he know? And so more questions coming my ways. But what really propelled my going to relay the message to the DCC Superintendent there then was the call I received from one of the youth at home about the death of one of the prominent woman among the women in the church which when heard, I was seriously afraid and I had to defile what I thought people will say.Since then, the programme had been consistent and by this year, it will be ten years," he explained.

Pastor Eagle has he's fondly called by his followers noted that the feedbacks from the programme have been so great that people will even be the one reminding him of the programme which he will have to tell them that it's not yet time.

While commenting on theme of the programme, the Cleric said; "the Bible says in Proverbs 10:28 that The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish, and as He has also promised the Israelites of their leaving Egypt in Exodus to the promise land, this I believe He'll do. I believe the word of God that, as He has said that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to all the hardship His children are passing through from their arch enemy; the devil, I believe He mean business and he will do what He has said."

He disclosed that all invited guests have confirmed their coming, even the Youth officer of CAC Worldwide, Pastor S. Ó. Gbuyiro will also be there and a host of other guest music ministers which include Yemi David, Wale Sax and others.

"It's a programme that God has been the one funding through His vessels. Since we have started this programme we have not taken offering for once and God has been faithful to this mandate. I remembered that late last year, I was pondering and telling my wife that where will the money come from for the next year which is 2018 edition, because we have no money anywhere for the take off. My glorious surprise was how God used a senior officer in the Nigeria Police force to douse the tension and he send some amount of money which starts as the bedrock. God has been awesome," he concluded.

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