CAC Yaba DCC to build a new world class cathedral

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Yaba Districts Coordinating Council (DCC) Yaba Lagos has stated her intention of altering the present structure of the church and build a new modern day world class cathedral.

The Superintendent of Yaba DCC, Pastor S.E.A Oludare who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS stated that he has three points agenda for the DCC which one out of it is to alter the present church building and bring it to the status of a major cathedral, an imposing structure that will noise not only Nigeria but all over the world.

He said that his number one vision is to enlarge the coast of the DCC, saying that the DCC headquarters itself is 78years this year by the grace of God and the church building has been standing for many years now.

The Cleric said that they are building an edifice that will be a point of reference in CAC Worldwide and it is starting this year by God’s glory.

According to him, Yaba DCC headquarter is coming in a big way by the grace of God, noting that all hands are on deck to restructure this building and make it amiable, competing favorably with many cathedrals not only in Nigeria or Africa, but all over the world.

He said;"In the spiritual realm, my vision is to build people up spiritually. Our theme for this year is “Rekindling of Fire.” We started in January with the topic “Rekindling the Fire of Evangelism,” this month our topic is “Rekindling the Fire of Holy Spirit,” in March we are Rekindling the Fire of Prayer, in April we are Rekindling the Fire of Holiness and so on.

"We want to build people up in the spirit of the Lord and that is why we have been treating “Fruit of the Spirit” in the monthly Ministers of God meeting. We have already started and as from next month we will treat love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness etc.

"Apart from enlarging the coast to have more churches planted through evangelism, we also want to beautify and restructure the lives of our people spiritually. It is three points agenda. The agenda number one is to enlarge the coast of the DCC and bring it back to its old status where we have many churches. I am not referring to churches joining us, but I mean we are going to buy the land, conduct revival and evangelism. The second agenda is to make sure people are brought up in the way of the Lord. We want to make sure that spirituality become our focus and goal. The third agenda is to change the physical outlook of the headquarters structure. We want the church to look like a modern church that will be a point of reference.

"When I resumed here we had a toilet that was nothing to write home about and people could not use the place. But now it has been transformed and people are coming to look at it as a point of reference to build their own. People can now go there and sit comfortably. You can bath there. We have bath water heater there. As a matter of fact we have speaker there, you can be listening to what is going on in the church while there. We also have water dispenser  and other modern equipments there. If the toilet can be as beautiful as that, just imaging how the new cathedral we are planning to build will look like."

Pastor Oludare further stated that; "When I came here I met a dispersed DCC. The DCC used to be comprising of 13 districts before I came. Three of them came together to form Ipaja zone. The induction and inauguration was done when I came. The hiccups that happened in Yaba DCC reduced the it to DCC with just two districts. The remaining nine out of the 10 District went out to form Vineyard of Mercy DCC. Later on Akoka District returned by the ordered of the authority of the church. The vision I have for Yaba DCC is to bring it back to the status it used to be."
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