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Top five evergreen songs of CAC

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Undoubtedly, one of the things that distinguished Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide from other churches is our song. Some of those songs are older than the present generation in church. This is due to the fact that they were composed by the forefathers of the church. Unarguably they were composed through the leading of the Holy Spirit and that is why those are still full of inspiration and divine power till now.

It may interest you to know that majority of this day Pentecostal churches borrowed a lot of things from CAC, particularly our songs. If you go to some Pentecostal churches today you will even think you are in CAC because they sing almost all our songs.

The top ten evergreen songs are as follows:

1. Mofaramo  Olorun Babalola, Mofaramo Olorun Apostolic, ona iye yi yemi o mofaramo Olorun Babalola, iye re o , omo iye, iye re o, omo iye... Babalola olomi iye re oo, omi iye....

Meaning: I am pleased with the God of Babalola, I am pleased with the God of the Apostle, this way of life pleases me I am pleased with the God of Babalola....

2. Olorun Babalola o mo se 'ba, Olorun Babajide o mo se 'ba, mo se 'ba to ripe en gbo adura.

Translation: The God of Babalola I adore you, the God of Babajide I adore, I adore you because you answers prayers.

3. Babalola, Babalola, ipe re o ku, iwo losun oooo

Translation: Babalola, Babalola, your calling is not dead, you are the one that slept

4. Alagbara lo 'lorun Babalola, alagbara lo'lorun Akande lede, alagbara lo'lorun awon aposteli oo, sebi o tin se nigbawon ni larin wa.

Translation: The God of Babalola is powerful, the God of Akande in Ede is powerful, the God of the Apostles, do the way you did in ancient days in our midst.

5. Mumi wo ya'ra agbara lo Jesu, mumi wo ya'ra agbara lo (2ce), ya'ra agbara to my Babalola wo, ya'ra agbara to my Babajide wo, ya'ra agbara nibiti gbogbo agbara wa, mumi wo ya'ra agbara lo.

Translation: Jesus take me to the room of power, take me to the room of power (2ce), the room of power you took Babalola into, room of prayer you took Babajide into, room of power where there are all powers, take me to the room of power.

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