EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Why CAC factions must be united- Honorable Olatunji

Honorable ‘Tunde Olatunji

Honorable ‘Tunde Olatunji who is a lawmaker representing Ife North state constituency in Osun state is a bonafide and committed member of Christ Apostolic Church, Canaan Land.

CAC NEWS Publisher, ‘Gbenga Bankole caught up with him at the first official ministration of CAC Worldwide General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji yesterday 1st of January 2018 at Apostle Ayo Babalola Memorial International Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun state.

What is your year 2018 message to Nigerians?

I want to urge all Nigerians that in this year we should all come together and move Nigeria forward. No nation can develop beyond the commitment and patriotism of his people. When you talk about the people you are talking about the leaders and the followers. Everybody in the position of leadership must be accountable to the followers. When you talk about leadership it cut across all sectors not only in governance. In religious bodies, at home and private organizations among others we should be accountable. Nigerians should know that this is the only nation we have; we need to be patriotic and restore our lost values in the country. We can’t promote this nation without the core values that drives us as a nation. Even when you have a constitution, it is still that core values that will drive your constitution. As a people we must stand for what is right and do it rightly. We must ensure that the development and success of our society comes first. We need to do away with every tendency that tends to divide us along ethnic and religion line. We must see ourselves as brothers and sisters and ensure we promote the unity of this country, and do everything within our capacity to make sure we restore the lost glory of this country. I think if we cease the opportunity of the crop of leaders that we have today in Nigeria, we would be on the part of steady growth and development and 2018 will be far better compare to 2017.

What is your advice for Prophet Hezekiah has he resumed officially as the General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide?

I thank God for his life. One thing that I have seen in him is that the hand of God is upon him mightily and he also believes so much in hard work. I want to encourage him that with this new responsibility which is a call to duty, service, to serve God and humanity, he should stick with those qualities the authority of CAC Worldwide saw in him that made them to give him the opportunity to be the General Evangelist. We thank God for finding him worthy and I want to believe that with the support of God, the authority of the church and members of the church, CAC will begin to witness unprecedented development that will promote Christianity and fulfill the mandate that is upon CAC.

What is your advice to the authority of CAC Worldwide regarding the unity with the Supreme Council?

I pray that God will help them to build on the successes that has been achieved and we must thank God for the grace to be able to move it this far. It is obvious that without unity of purpose there is no way the kind of achievement that is needed to move the church forward can be achieved. Events of many years are very good example to show that. There is a need for the unity of the fold so that we would not only be able to recover what is missing, but we will also be able to overcome and set the feet of the church on the right path and take its place in the community of Christendom. I believe with the help of God, it will be achievable.

Few days ago the President Buhari released the names of newly appointed board members. It was gathered that about eight dead individuals were on the list. Some people said it is because Nigeria is dead. What is your opinion about this?

I think that there is a need for government to accept responsibility and apologise to Nigerians for that mistake. By and large, as a people we should learn not to major on what is minor and minor on what is major. There are too many important issues that are bothering the country than this issue. But like I said earlier,  all over the world governance or leadership is all about accountability and responsibility. When you make mistake, you should accept such mistake and then we move on.

I don’t think people should focus their energy on that. Yes it is a serious oversight, but it is minor compare to some other major issue that we need to collectively address as a nation. If Nigerians will give so much passion to discuss real issue that affect us we will quickly move even faster than how we are moving.

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