CAC Itire DCC officially receives new Superintendent, Pastor Oladokun

Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun

By Shokanbi Gbemisola

Sunday 21st of January, 2018
was indeed a memorable day in the history of Christ Apostolic Church, Itire Districts Coordinating Council (DCC) as they officially received their new Superintendent, Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun.

Pastor Oladokun while preaching on the topic; “A Worthwhile Life” which text was taken from the book of Psalms 90:12  said that life is a gift from God and it has several meaning to different people.

He noted that life is full of questions expected to be asked at all times.

The former Yaba DCC Superintendent and Christ The King DCC, Kubwa, Abuja stated further that not all lives are worthwhile, that some lives are worthless and meaningless.

With reference to Genesis 1:26, the cleric made it known to the church that life is with purpose and God created human in His image and likeness to live like He lives.

"Man is a shadow of God and as shadow is to a man; it does what man does and hence man as God’s shadow is expected to do as God is doing. Man is a representative of God on earth and he is expected to have dominion. If a man is not doing this he is living a purposeless life that is man is not fulfilling his purpose on earth," he said.

A worthwhile life according to the cleric affects lives positively and it is a life of example and a contributor to peoples’ progress, adding that it gives more than it takes and doing this makes life a better place.

The cleric gave six points to living a worthwhile life which are praising God always for all He has done and for all you have encountered, forgetting the past (Phil. 3:14-15), discovering your purpose, seeking and knowing what God’s purpose is for your life, planning your plans with God, prioritizing your life and praying effectively.

Pastor concluded that; "Let God be the centre of your goal. When you don’t have a goal, you will have no pursuit which implies no goal no pursuit; no pursuit no mission; and where there is no mission it implies living a miserable life. And having no goal will be living in ignorance."
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