What many are looking for in marriage does not exist- Pastor Adeyemi

Pastor Doyin Ezekiel Adeyemi


The Senior Pastor at Christ Apostolic Church, Light of the World Zone, Owode Ibeshe, Pastor Doyin Ezekiel Adeyemi has stated that the reason why so many are frustrated in marriages is because what they are looking for in marriage does not exist.

Pastor Adeyemi stated this last Sunday while preaching on the theme “The Uniqueness of Making them One” at the annual Banquet and Award Night organized by CAC Camp of Success District Headquarters, Isawo-Agric, Ikorodu Lagos.

He said that one of the greatest challenges of marriage is that couples were told that they are one and they also think they ought to have the same mentality, philosophy or character.

He further stated that the truth of the matter is that the couple can never be one in terms of the way they think, act or react to issues due to the fact that they have different backgrounds and were not brought up by the same parents.

According to him, in marriage, one of the problems is that the man want the woman to do the way he thinks, adding that so many people are totally getting the concept of ‘being one’ wrong.

“As a couple, for you to be one, you must have the mentality that you can never be the same. Men nature is different from women. For example, women can talk from morning till night, but men do not have that kind of nature. Women always want to express themselves on every issue, while men do not have the patient and this cause a lot of problems in marriage. Understanding your differences is the key to make husband and wife one,” he said.

Pastor Adeyemi said temperament is another big issue in marriage, saying that there is no amount of prayers that can turn a sanguine to melancholy, or a melancholy to sanguine.

He also stated that marriage will be difficult if both parties do not understand their cultural differences.

“You must understand that it will take a gradual process for your spouse to change to the type of person you desire. You must accept him for who he is. In marriage, there must be adjustment if the husband and wife want to be one,” he noted.

Pastor Adeyemi finally said that the key to be one is the united purpose to serve God.  

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