Cleric urges ministers of God to be faithful to God in their calling

Pastor E.O. Ogebule


 The Assembly Pastor, Christ Apostolic Church, Cathedral of Peace, Alakuko Lagos Pastor E.O. Ogebule has urged Ministers of God to be faithful to God in their calling.

Pastor Ogebule stated this last Sunday while ministering on the theme “Great Manifestation” at the inauguration service of CAC Eternal Praise Assembly, Alakuko Lagos.

He said that God was with Joseph because Joseph was a faithful servant, adding that Ministers of God must be faithful to talents or gifts given to them by God and they should always return the glory to Him.

He noted that Ministers of God should fear God who is the source of everything saying that if they fear God, devil cannot do them any arm.

“Anything you want to get in life as God’s servant you must desire it. You must know that to make a great impact in life start with a vision. If you want your vision to come to reality, you must be careful of friends. There are friends who may mislead you to take wrongs steps that are totally against the plans of God for your ministry,” he noted.

According to him, ministers of God need to be determined, saying that it takes determination to overcome sexual sins and anybody without determination has no focus.

He further urged them to be disciplined emphasizing that those who are discipline will not get distracted.  
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