Times are indeed changing in CAC Worldwide by Columnist Oluwadamilare Taiwo

 Columnist Oluwadamilare Taiwo

It is true that our church, Chris Apostolic Church (CAC), is usually known for the ancient styled, Yoruba-bound and mushroom sized church where less privilege  worshippers worship. But this view is fading off and anyone who still uses that lens is getting belated.

Recently, I met someone from another church and when I told him I am a member of CAC, he laughed and started mimicking our supposed prayer contents and styles. It took me some minutes to correct his orientation about the church.

So far in the church, good news of great exploits has been spreading. We also see our ministers waxing strong in their core business – which is the correct dividing of the Word of God. The move to restore peace and unity is coming to reality. Also, to talk of the lively and brotherly feeling at our campus and corpers’ fellowships, you’d love the balanced experience.

Seriously, with the joint retreats, evangelisms, award services, get-togethers/ love feasts and so on, you don’t need to worry or look further when you get to our campuses.

Things now become appalling when the birthed (into CAC) brethren are migrating to pastures that aren’t actually any greener. Trust me, this is not about denominationalism. Like Pastor S O Oladele, the General Superintendent said at CAC Birmingham UK, “Although we are not denominationalized, we belong to a denomination”. This is our own denomination and we owe it the onus of seeing to its growth. Have you ever considered that other churches that our members (especially the youths) troop to are only supposedly better because their own members (youths) stay through and true with their churches. Well, my advocacy is directly to us, the youth in whose hands the future of the Church lies. Better than leaving or complaining is being willing to stand for us to pray, strategize and be responsible for the better days ahead of this great Church.

It is soothing to know that we now have a church that is embracing her commitments towards the growth of campus fellowships at the highest level. For instance in August, the Principal Officer of the Church was at CACYOF UNILAG to dedicate their new worship tent. The President, Pastor A.O Akinosun; the General secretary, Pastor E.E Mapur; the Director of Missions, Pastor C.S Fasuyi; the Provosts of CACTS Ile-Ife and Lagos Campuses, Pastors Afolabi and Olaniyi respective; CACYOF Lagos state  coordinators, Pastors Babatunde, Bisuga and IDO Akinpelu; Pastor Paul Obadare of CAC WOSEM; the Regional Superintendent, Pastor M.O Yusuf along with the pastoral and media entourage were all present to grace the dedication service. Such attendance happening for the first time in a CACYOF campus fellowship is, no doubt, an indicator of a turnaround in the Youth arm. Indeed times are changing.
Why not join the moving train to greater glory? Let us together build our enviable CAC.


  1. Indeed times are changing and a New church is being birthed

  2. Enter your comment...am indeed glad to hear this and proud to be a child of God in CAC church

  3. Wow
    I love this so much infact u just said what is in my mind...
    Please let's keep sharing this mentality to our brethren in other denominations .

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