INTERVIEW! Why Christians should embrace politics —Pastor Oluwatowoju

Pastor in charge of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Ile Anu, Odo Ona Elewe, Ibadan, Pastor John Omoniyi Oluwatowoju, speaks to NIGERIAN TRIBUNE on religious and national issues. Excerpts:

JOURNEY into the ministry

The Lord told me to read the book of Jeremiah, chapter 1 vs. 1 to the end. He then told me I had been chosen as a minister of the gospel. Since then, I started seeing different visions. God called me in 1994, and I started evangelising in 1995. I got my diploma from the Assemblies of God Bible College in 1997, and joined the ministry in 1999.

What are some challenges you faced?

There is no challenge that is beyond the power of God. I have faced a lot, but God told me He will always fight for me. So, I don’t see myself fighting any battle. I saw challenges as a way God prepares me for the future.

What is the secret of your successful leadership in the church?

Hearing and obeying God’s commandments. As a cleric, if you can listen to Him and obey Him, you will be successful.

How has the economic situation of the country affected your church?

I don’t see it affecting my church. If the church can take its stand in the word of God, things will be fine.

How did you feel celebrating the 30th anniversary of the church?

I felt so happy. It is a great victory for us as a church of God, because people have been testifying to the goodness of God in this church. God used Prophet Samuel Adebayo Aluko to establish the church 30 years ago, and God told him specifically that the church should be called Ile Anu (Land of Mercy), that anyone who comes here with tears will go home rejoicing. That is how this place was established and the covenant has been working since then. Though there have been challenges here and there, God has been faithful, and the church is waxing stronger to the glory of God.

How would you assess the church’s performance in the past 30 years?

I see the church building nations, and establishing itself as a threat to the kingdom of darkness. I see the church preparing God’s people for a brighter future and also raising soldiers for Christ.

What is your vision as a minister of the gospel?

To make impact in this generation through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to affect as many lives as possible, by the grace of God.

What is your advice on making things better for Nigeria?

We need to seek God’s intervention. This country is ours and we should encourage our Christian brothers and sisters to participate in politics. As Christians, we can build this nation by participating in politics. Let pastors encourage their members to join political parties. Let us build the future together. Christian should stop running away from politics.

If you were not pastor, what occupation would you have embraced?

I would have been a farmer or a teacher.

What has God revealed to you about Nigeria?

God told me that this nation will be better, anytime from now. Let’s continue to pray and be hopeful because Nigeria is special in God’s eyes.

What advice would you give to government on security?

Let our leaders be sincere and have the love of the people. Something urgent should be done about the security situation. People should imbibe the fear of God in all they do, and by doing so, the country will be great. Let us all work together to fix the country.

What advice would you give to the church?

Let the church – whether leaders or members – be faithful to God. For clerics, they should remain faithful to God who called them, and also focus on their primary assignment, which is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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