INTERVIEW! Regional Superintendents should focus on developing grassroots assemblies- Cleric

Pastor Johnson Oladele Akinbodu is the assemble Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, New Life chapel, Temidire District, Ogijo zone. He is also the chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ogijo, Area 1. He celebrates his 50th birthday today Saturday December 2nd 2017. In this interview with CAC NEWS Publisher, Oluwagbenga Bankole, Pastor Akinbodu speaks about what has been sustaining him since the last 50years, the day he can never forget and also advice the newly appointed Regional Superintendents of CAC Worldwide. Excerpt! 

Kindly briefly tell us about your journey into the ministry

All glory belongs to God. Since I have given my life to Jesus Christ in my youth God has been helping me in the journey of life even till now. God spoke to me about my calling through revelation. Apart from that, there were well respected ministers of God who God also showed same thing. I didn’t not yield to the calling until year 2006 when I received the revelation that it is time for me to proceed to theological seminary.

Which seminary did you attend?

Due to the fact that I stay in Ikorodu which is far from CAC Theological Seminary, it was LIFE Theological Seminary at Ikorodu I attended. I got my B.A. in theology between year 2007 and 2011.

Where were you born sir?

I was born in Ijebu-Ipara Remo Ogun state.

When did you marry?

I married on December 14th 1996.

You clocked 50years today, how do you feel to still be alive till now?

I feel very happy because it has being the grace of God that has been sustaining me till this age. And I believe that God that gave me the grace to witness 50years will give me more grace to witness more years on earth. I believe I will fulfill my assignment with longlife. I really appreciate what God has been doing in my life. I appreciate Him for His protection, mercy and promotion. God backed my calling with grace. Where others have struggled, God gave me grace and favour. Presently, by His grace , I am the chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ogijo, Area 1. When you depend on the power of God alone, He will surely back you up. I have been enjoying His backing and that is why I decided to celebrate the birthday.

Can you tell us the day you can never forget since the last 50years?

 The special day I will never forget was the day I finally gave my life to Jesus Christ. Although I was born into a Christian home, but as a young boy, I was just going to church without having understanding of of who Christ is. I gave my life to Christ in the year 1989. Since that time my life has changed. I was transformed and I began to separate myself from worldly friends. I leaved them because our ways are not the same again and since then God has been so faithful to me.

Tell us people who have made a lot impact in your life?

 My parents played a significant role in my success. My father, Pa Adebayo Ebenezer Akinbodu is late,  but my mum is still alive. Both of them were prayerful Christians. They always pray for me. They always talk to me that I should be hardworking and in whatever I want to do I should be determined. Apart from them, there is man in our former church, that is CAC Temidire Bariga. The name of the man is Elder Sanya. He always encourages me to be focus and visionary in life. There is a particular family that I can never forget also. The family of Mr. and Deaconess Hudus. Deaconess Hudus is late now. She was a mother to me indeed. She took me as one of her sons. She gave me total backing.

Cuts-in: Tell us those who have been supportive to you in the ministry

One of my mentors in CAC is Pastor Samuel Sunday Akpan. He works at the national level presently. He is a prayer machine. He thought us how to pray without being tired. Till now he is one of our leaders that I will never forget. I also have a Pastor-friend known as Okesanjo. We have been friends even before I married. He takes the work of God with all sense of seriousness.

What are those things that have been helping you since the last 50years or since you gave your life to Christ?

Apart from Holy Spirit, other things that have been helping me are faithfulness, perseverance and hardworking. At the early stage of my life I faced challenges but I thank God that I conquered them. Faithfulness with God helped me a lot. Things were not so easy when God called me to plant a church. There was nobody to help. I spent every kobo I have to start this church and later God beginning to send people that believe in my calling to me. They helped me and we thank God that the church is growing.

I want you to tell us briefly the role your wife played in your success

Ah……… I cannot forget my wife, my Sweatheart. Her name is Abosede Akingbodu. She is a good wife in all ramifications, particularly spiritually and financially. She possesses all the attributes that a good wife should possess. We passed through difficult times together and we conquered. She is a good wife indeed. She always prays for me. She always supports me. She is always there for me anytime and any day.

What are the roles of ministers of God’s wives in the ministries of their husbands?

A good minister wife must be vigilant. She must be ready to pray for his husband because of the things that surround him. Women are the one that always surround Pastors. She must be very vigilant in order for her husband not to fall. She must be prayerful and reveal any strange thing to her husband. She must give total support for her husband. For a Pastor to succeed, he needs a good wife.

What is your advice for the Regional Superintendents that have just been unveiled by the authority of the church?

It is grace that they have received to be in that position and they should continue to work hard to take CAC to the next level. They should work hard to lift the growing assemblies. They should not think of their own alone. They should support the local assemblies. They should focus on developing the grassroots assemblies. They should work hard for the growth of CAC Worldwide.

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