Cleric appeals to Christian Leaders to stop condemning Christmas celebration

Pastor Bunmi Babatunde


An appeal has gone to Christian Leaders all over the world to stop condemning the celebration of Christmas.

The Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Chapel of Testimony Oyingbo, Pastor Bunmi Babatunde said this in one of his social media posts.

He stated that; "You've heard the views of some of our well known and respected Christian leaders condemning the celebration of  Christmas. Everyone ventilates from their depths, perceptions and caprice; though they're entitled to it, but could be injurious to many."

"These and many more are the reasons for the several  denominations today. Jesus Christ coming was not to establish a competitive religion, but to assert that all things belong to Him the Creator of all things. So He penetrated everything visible & invisible: no just humans but also powers & principalities; more importantly, the grave & death!"

"He possessed everything because they rightly belong to Him as Jehovah Elohim, the creator; He gave His life for everything & everyone. So if anyone will reject one celebration, they must reject many more like 1.Calvary originally called Golgotha, meaning a place of skulls where criminals received their   death sentence. Christ took the place of a criminal. 2.Easter was a celebration of a pagan god called Tammuz, regarded as a saviour of the world; Christ was crucified at the period of that celebration hence the Christian Easter celebration of the death & resurrection of Christ Jesus. 3.Sunday- the day set aside for Christian worship was named after the Sun god Nimrod the father of Tammuz. Same for Chrismas which origin is idolatrous."

"When we call Jesus the Redeemer, He has come to redeem Times and Seasons wasted ignorantly by humans  idolatrous worship. The birth of Jesus was celebrated widely by people of deep understanding; by Angels and shepherds, the wise men from the east & several Individuals who were looking forward for redemption of humanity. John 8:56- Jesus said Abraham rejoiced to see His day. So now why can't  we rejoice & celebrate?"
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