What God showed me about tithing nine years ago

My name is Emmanuel, three days ago during my quiet time at about 2am on Monday early hours of the morning, the Holy Ghost prompted me to share what was shown to me in a dream 9years ago on the issue of tithing. He said to me that it will help many believers to re-think on the wrong teachings from the pit of hell which has gone viral on the internet and  still on.    

 About 9 years ago, while passing the night at my sister's place at Oke - Iranla axis  of Badore, Ajah in Lagos state. After observing my quiet time in the early hours of that faithful morning, I decided to go back to sleep so I laid on the bed and not long afterwards, I had a dream where I saw myself standing a bit aloof from a beautiful magnificent building so high that the apex of it I could not see.                  I saw myself approaching the giant gate of this magnificent building. In that dream, it looks to me like I was familiar with the building( like a place I often visit) every thing was normal as i approach the building. I was not astonished at the beauty nor the height of the building or every other things I saw.    

 As I approached, I expected the gate to open on it's own accord to me but it didn't. I was surprised like it ought not to be. So I then decided to bang on the gate. Not long as I banged a very huge and hefty good looking man opened the gate came out and stood beside me but won't allow me enter.       Then I saw myself yelling at him shouting,  how dare you stop me from entering I was so angry and very furious like someone who has been denied entry into his house for no reason. I then looked up at one of the balconies of the magnificent building and looking from there was a man dressed in a  bright kingly apparel whom after I looked up to see I called FATHER.   Afterwards I began to say to him Father he won't let me in. Afterwards I just saw myself in a court room being arrayed as an accused person and an offender. Many people where seated  in the court room and one stood to begin the court proceedings. Just as he began, three men dressed in bright kingly apparel ( just like the one I called father earlier) walked in and sat as judges in the court room. Then the court proceedings began and the one standing then declared *WHAT IS HIS OFFENCE?*And another stood to say HE DOES NOT PAY TITHE.And one who ask the question then say, WHAT WILL BE HIS JUDGEMENT? At this point everyone's eye was now on the three judges. Then the one who sat in the middle among the three judges brought out a Bible and read from Malachi 3vs 5-10 and stopped. He then looked at me and said his verdict is, but before He declared it, one of the judges seating to the right of the one in the middle who was about to pass the verdict started pleading on my behalf and advocating for me. So His plea on my behalf was accepted by the other two and then the three judges stood and walked out of the court room and afterward I woke up sweating so profusely under the fan.          From that day onward I realised that the issue of tithing is not optional for any believer in Christ, it is a command from God.  

 Tithe is God's portion of your income be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. God commanded us to take our tithe to his house which is the church today. And God has chosen men whom he appointed priests over his house, the church. That they should administer the tithe accordingly. Ours as God's own is to do what God said which is for us to bring our tithe into His house. It is not our responsibility to meddle with how it is been administered whether he administered it well or not.          

Therefore friends, from what I have shared with you that was revealed to me  we can deduce that not paying tithe is an offence before God with judgement to those who did not pay their tithe. And I believe it will attract judgement here on earth and in heaven.      

Friends! Pls let us therefore share this and spread this revelation and by so doing we may save our fellow believer's from this teaching released from
 the pit of hell designed to rob us of the fullness of  God in this world and in the world to come.
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