The leader and his sexual emotions!

Dear brother

It is becoming a source of huge concern to see our Brothers….Spirit-filled,tongue-talking struggling with immorality especially Christian Leaders. Its shameful,it shouldn’t be mentioned in public that a Youth Pastor raped a member of the Choir……or Church leaders abusing members of their congregation. It should not be heard in Church! No!it should not be found in Church! The ground and pillar of Truth, The Body of Christ! These days I will get skeptical if any of my girls tell me she is going to see her Pastor….why? I have seen countless cases of abuse from such visits!
What exactly is the problem? These brothers are anointed but lack self-control!
Proverbs 25:28 reveals something very vital…….

'Like a city that is broken down and without walls [leaving it unprotected] is a man who has no self-control over his spirit [and sets himself up for trouble].' indiscipline is the root cause of immorality!!!

What do we do?

1. Identify your weaknesses! Stop trying to cover this part of you….identify it and deal with it! There is nothing good about a sexual weakness. Don’t feed it! Master it!
You mustn’t counsel ladies!

2.There are certain issues you should hand over to Female leaders to handle!  Stop putting yourself under pressure! Sometimes I wonder why Brothers would rather mentor all the ladies in Church…..brothers need help too!

3. Keep your counseling official! Don’t build anything personal. Stop all those distracting discussions!......where are you? Have you eaten? What are you wearing? I love your voice….brother is that part of your calling? Such discussions are not necessary

4. Respect and honor the calling of God upon your life! Don’t drag His name to the mud. If you are burning….please marry! If you are married, enjoy your wife and if you are married and still lusting after others ladies….please cry out for help! You need the word therapy!

Dear Choir Director….face your Ministry…….stay pure
Dear Youth Pastor…..Face your Ministry……..stay pure
Dear Pastor,Apostle, Evangelist etc……Face your ministry…..stay pure

5. Avoid counseling behind close doors. I know you are strong Man of God but you see we are people of passions…….anything’ seeable ‘ can trigger and put a man in the mood…..keep the doors and window open for proper ventilation and easy escape(lols)
Be self-controlled!

The ability is inside! The church should be the one teaching the world sexual sanity! I understand the temptations knocking your door daily but you are more than able to overcome these temptations. Don’t mind those sisters wearing clothes revealing hips,boobs and contours……you will see these everyday,everywhere…..but filter your thought! Guard your heart! Be like Joseph who saw immorality as wickedness (Gen 39:9).

 The Grace of God is sufficient for thee!!!!! Choose to stay pure! Your body is God’s temple too. I believe in your ministry.
Avoid unnecessary touching and hugging.... These are triggers

I understand Females are wired to always want to be loved….that desire can sometimes drive us to be funny and do everything to receive love…. But you see our wiring should not take common sense out of us. Our brothers can be funny but Hey we are smart!!!!

1. You don’t need a male mentor to be successful in life. There are far too many Wonderful Women of God in the kingdom who can mentor you! And if you insist of it has to be a man….please keep it official. Stop confusing our brothers….” Good evening Pastor, have you eaten? How was your day? Tell me something about you no one knows(are you his wife or mother?….nonsence)……Pastor I have this emotional issue, I can’t sleep at night,I will just be thinking of man…..sister I don’t understand this discussion because I choose not to understand! I will strongly recommend you discuss sex-related issues with female mentors…..You will be putting that brother in a tight corner!

2.Dress as decent as possible for counseling session!
Why should you wear crop top and mini skirt for counseling???? (Signs and symptoms of a bad shide.... Lols).... Your plan will not work!!!!
We know you have a good skin... Keep that body inside a decent cloth! We don't want to see it!!!

3. Don't be a fool in the name of mentorship. You went to your Pastor's house and he started touching you..... My sister!!!! Run for your life!!!! If it's becoming a serious abuse......Change church!!! Don't sit there and be saying.... 'Awwwwww Pastor stop naw.... They will catch us o....' that wasn't abuse.... It's called partnership! You wanted it! Don't allow anyone talk you into immorality. Avoid unnecessary calls and discussions..... Keep your discussion official. You know when the counseling session is becoming romancing session.... Don't wait! Don't wait! Flee!!!!

The flesh will try to fight!! But keep it subject to your Spirit!!!! Keep meditating on the word..... Saturate your heart with the Word!!!!! Your Body will will yield! It has got no choice!!!!

I trust this post blesses you!!!!!

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