No crisis in marriage of believers should lead to divorce- Pastor Babatunde

Pastor Bunmi Babatunde


The Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF), Lagos 1 Council, Pastor Bunmi Babatunde has said that no crisis in the marriage of believers should lead to divorce or separation or irreparable damage.

Pastor Babatunde who stated this last weekend while delivering a paper on the theme My Marriage: in Christ or in Crisisat the annual Marriage Seminar organized by CACYOF Lagos 1 said that true believers have the spiritual tools for relational successes, peace and joy, stating categorically that forgiveness is one.   

He said a sanctified soul readily forgives, because he can’t afford a cloudy and bitter condition in heart where the Holy Spirit dwells; it could be eternally costly.

According to him, another solid tool for sound relationship is peace consciousness. He said the instruction is, “Follow peace with all men (and women too) without which no one will see the Lord” Heb. 12:14.
Pastor Babatunde stressed that if Christ will not abandon, no matter what, as long as we don’t depart from Him, then no place for divorce in a Christian marriage.  

He noted that there are marriage wired for crisis, marriage pregnant with crisis, marriage manifesting crisis and marriage in Christ.

“Marriage wired for crisis is a type of marriage whose foundation is fraught with complex and unresolved issues even before the knot of marriage is tied. These are premised on Scriptural foundational defects and/or Biological defects,”

“Marriage pregnant with crisis is a marriage that is already consummated but with deadly landmines lined along the way. In a matter of time, explosions will begin to rock the foundation and the cohesion of the family. Watch out: when courtship is unhealthy, premarital counseling is scanty or absent, partners lifestyles are not word-based, then character defect and defective communication will set in,”

“To be married is not magical joy nor an automatic bliss, but a tedious journey soaked in mercy, favor and grace of God. The Lord Jesus himself said, “In the world ye shall have tribulations…..” John 16:33 and he exemplified it in a parable of two houses, one built on the rock and another built on the sand. Two destinies emerged automatically: the inevitable disaster for the one on sand is a forgone conclusion. He however assures that the one built on the rock has insurance and security for stability and success,” he explained.

He also said that as a married woman, you decided who your head would be; he was not forced on you and therefore, submission should not be an issue.

He further stated that; as a single lady, before you go into marriage, make sure you choose the correct head. A headless body is a monster. Submit to your head. The Lord says, it is not good for the man to be alone. God’s solution therefore is to provide the “Missing Good”, which is the Woman. By extension, the wise woman is a companion, helper, mother, wife, supporter, strengthener, comforter, peace maker bridge builder.etc.

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