INTERVIEW! CAC Olorunshogo @70: The secret behind our success story- Pastor Obisesan

Pastor S.F. Obisesan

Christ Apostolic Church, Olorunshogo Mushin does not need further introduction. Apart from being one of the oldest churches in CAC and Nigeria, the church has planted so many churches. Some of the churches have metamorphosed to Zonal or District Headquarters. Also, the church itself has metamorphose from assembly to district headquarters, district headquarters to Zonal Headquarters and now District Coordinating Council. The 70th anniversary of the church started on 4th of November and will end on the 10th of December.

In this interview, the incumbent DCC Superintendent, Pastor Steven Folorunso Obisesan speaks to the publisher of CAC NEWS, Oluwagbenga Bankole on the outstanding achievements of the church, brief history of the church, what has been sustaining or upholding the church and other interesting issues. Excerpt!

Kindly tell us in brief the journey so far of CAC Olorunshogo Mushin

I really appreciate the name of the most high God for the journey of the church so far. The gate of hell has not prevailed and will never prevail over His church. The church started 70years ago. The 50th anniversary of the church was celebrated in grand style, same as the 60th anniversary. It is now 70th anniversary. CAC Olorunshogo is no doubt developing both physically and spiritually. The church is increasing in all ramification for the glory of God on daily basis and physical development could be seen. On the 21stof June this year, we laid a foundation of another building within the compound of the church. Presently the building has been roofed. The church is developing both physically and spiritually. There is no chaos in the church and peace is prevailing. We understand one and another, and that is why we are able to plan for the 70th anniversary. There is no rancor or pandemonium of any type. God is taking total control and the church is improving.

Since you have been transferred to the church in the year 2013 sir, what are the major achievements of the church?
The building I talked about earlier is part of the outstanding achievement of the church. We started it on June 21st this year and we have nearly completed it. The church has also bought new instrument for the usefulness of God’s work. We have bought new drum set, keyboard and all other things. God also inspired members of the church to buy some important equipment just to develop the church. We have no problem at all. The work of God is moving forward.

Since the last 70years, how many churches has CAC Olorunshogo planted?
CAC Olorunshogo has planted so many churches. There are some of them that are no longer under us because they have been given autonomous. Presently the church has about six or seven districts.

What has been upholding the church since the last 70 years?
The first thing that has been sustaining or upholding the church is the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is doing tremendous work here and that is why we are increasing daily. There is unity, love and peace. Although about five years ago there was a rancor in the church, but we thank God that peace is reigning now. We love one and another, and Holy Spirit is reigning. There is no problem between ministers of God in the church. The ministers of God are living peaceful with the church, the church is living peacefully with them.

Kindly tell us some ministers of God you know who have worked here before and had landmark achievements?
I can’t remember all of them. However, I know that Pastor Adeguroye of blessed memory from Akure was one of the pillars of the church. Former President of CAC Worldwide, Pastor Obafemi has worked here before. Pastor Bandele, former General Superintendent of CAC Worldwide has worked here. Pastor Dairo has worked here. Pastor Olatunde who is now at Abuja has worked here. Pastor Oyebanji has also worked here. They all contributed their quotas to the development of the church in one way or the other.

Part of the activities to mark the 70thanniversary is the commissioning of a new building. The building will be used for what purpose sir?
The building is for the use of the church. We have a hall there that is meant for the English assembly. The down floor of the building is for packing of vehicles. We also have different kind of rooms there. We have prayer room, library and others.

Since the last 70 years I know that a lot of children have been given birth to and have grown to become big personalities either in the church or outside. Kindly tell us about some of them.
This interview is impromptu. Had it been I was informed weeks before today I would prepared adequately. Despite that, I can still remember that some of the Church Elders were born in this church. Elder Okusanya was born in this church. The church Secretary, Elder Shodipo was born in this church and many other people.

3days revival is part of the activities lined up to mark the anniversary. Who is the Guest minister? Should we be expecting the new General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah?
Even before he was appointed, we have already invited him, but he replied that he won’t be around. He said he would send somebody to us. We have also invited other people. There is a committee that is working independently on it.

The grand finale of the anniversary is on the 10th of December, 2017. Should we be expecting CAC Worldwide President, Pastor Akinosun?
Definitely he will be here. We have written him and we are expecting him.

Finally sir, what is your message or advice as the church mark 70th anniversary?
My advice to the church is that they should be up and doing spiritually. They should obey the instruction of God. The church should continue to be united. They should be prayerful and aspire to have Holy Spirit. They should be looking forward to reign with Christ by being heavenly conscious.


  1. CAC Olorunsogo Assembly, continue to move forward and upward till eternity in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  2. CAC Olorunsogo Assembly, continue to move forward and upward till eternity in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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