EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Heaven should be the greatest dream of every Christian- Pastor Ogedengbe

Pastor E.B. Ogedengbe

Pastor E.B. Ogedengbe is a dynamic, exuberant and youthful Pastor. He is the assembly Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Mount of Joy,Kosofe, Mile 12 Lagos. In this exclusive interview, he speaks with the Publisher of CAC NEWS Oluwagbenga Bankole on the seven Friday vigil of the church, importance of dream, his advice for the new General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide and others typical issues. EXCERPT!

Your assembly started a seven Friday vigil on the 27th of October, 2017. Tell us about the vigil

Thank you so much. The seven Friday vigil is through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are looking at the importance of dream or revelation in the life of any human being. There are different kinds of dreams. Joseph is our case study.  Joseph related his dreams and prophetic visions showing that one day he will rule over his family with his brothers which never make them happy with him (Genesis 37:11-15). The animosity towards Joseph peaks when his brothers plot to kill him in the wilderness. Reuben, the eldest, objects to outright murder, so instead, the brothers sell Joseph as a slave and deceive their father into thinking his favorite son had been slain by wild beasts (Genesis 37:18-35).

Joseph is sold to a high-ranking Egyptian named Potiphar and eventually becomes the supervisor of Potiphar’s household. In Genesis 39 we read of how Joseph excelled at his duties and became one of Potiphar’s most trusted servants and was put in charge of his household. Potiphar could see that whatever Joseph did, God looked favorably on him and he prospered in all that he did.

However, Potiphar’s wife attempts to seduce Joseph, and when her advances are rebuffed, she falsely accuses him of attempted rape. Joseph, although innocent in the matter, is cast into prison (Genesis 39:7-20). In jail, Joseph interprets the dreams of two of his fellow prisoners. Both interpretations prove to be true, and one of the men is later released from jail and restored to his position as the king’s cupbearer (40:1-23). Two years later, the king himself has some troubling dreams, and the cupbearer remembers Joseph’s gift of interpretation. The king calls for Joseph and relates his dreams. Joseph predicts seven years of bountiful harvests followed by seven years of severe famine in Egypt and advises the king to begin storing grain in preparation for the coming dearth (41:1-37). For his wisdom, Joseph is made a ruler in Egypt, second only to the king (41:38-49).

When the famine strikes, even Canaan is affected, and Jacob sends ten of his sons to Egypt to buy grain (Genesis 42:1-3). While there, they meet their long-lost brother, whom they do not recognize. Joseph’s brothers bow down to him, fulfilling the earlier dream. Joseph then reveals his identity to his brothers and forgives their wrongdoing. Jacob and his family move to Egypt to be with Joseph.

God uses dream to tell us about our future. He also uses it to reveal secrets of the devil. God showed Joseph where he was taking him to through dream. God also uses dream as proverb for someone in order for the person to take certain steps. At times, God communicate with His children through dreams. He makes them to understand certain things about their lives or future.  God has revealed some secrets to some people through dreams, but they never took it serious. They took it with levity.

When is the vigil ending and what is the theme?
The vigil started on Friday 27th October and will end on Friday December 8, 2017. It holds on every Friday of the week. The theme is “We shall see what will become of his dreams.”

What should those who will be at the vigil should be expecting from God?
Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we shall be explaining to people how they can make their dreams come to reality. It is only Jesus Christ that can make someone’s dream come to reality. The dream of anyone who does not accept Jesus Christ cannot come to reality either on earth or in heaven. If someone’s dream come to reality on this earth and the person failed to make it to heaven, everything is vanity. Heaven should be the greatest dream of every Christian.

Two of the ways God uses dream is to tell someone about His future or to reveal secrets of someone’s problem, curse or nightmare. Some people don’t take their dreams very serious. During the course of these vigils we will let people know the importance of dream. There will also be teachings on it on Sundays. We will let people know that it is only Jesus Christ that can make someone’s dream come to reality.

As the vigil will be ending on December 8, the church anniversary will be coming up on December 10. What is the theme of the anniversary?
The theme of the anniversary is “the Life of Christ.” We picked this topic in order to go in the same direction with the authority of CAC Worldwide. The anniversary theme also relate with the vigil theme because the dream of anyone who does not have Christ cannot come to reality.

What is your advice for the new General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah?
Everything comes from God and I appreciate Him for choosing Prophet Hezekiah as the General Evangelist of the church. I will advice him to ask for more wisdom from God. Wisdom to lead and succeed in the works God has committed to his hand. He should ask for wisdom the way King Solomon asked for it.
Also, I want to use this medium to pray for our fathers in the Lord that the Lord has been using in CAC Worldwide from Pastor Akinosun, Pastor S.O. Oladele, Prophet S.K. Abiara, Pastor Mapur and Pastor Omitinde that God will continue to empower them for the task ahead. I pray that God will continue to help them and grant them more wisdom to lead the church aright.
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