Misconceptions about Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola's Wife

By Daniel Akintola

Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola was an hugely gifted man of prayer & power through whom God worked signs & wonder, it was his joy to set at liberty all demonic captives in Africa, he traveled about much more than a commercial pilot, hence, his matrimonial bed suffered romance for the sake of the gospel.

However, his wife was hospitable to a fault, she cooked daily for over 30 sons of the prophet under her roof. Mind you, there is no amount of spiritual brokenness that can calm the wild fire of sexual romance in a woman,because it is godly for a married woman to also feel horny, so after years of solemn one on one plea with Baba Apostle for him to also bring the anointing of revival into their bedroom, of which Baba really tried to do so,but as soon as he was sighted at home, counselees in their hundreds & corps from hospital wards were brought to Baba Apostle when he was suppose to be oiling the ignition bolt of his wife inside the inner chamber, so, Baba would swing into ministering deliverance & healing even in his matrimonial home. This was what broke the camel's back, why Mama Apostle began to be nervous.

Hence, the several ungodly species in the house of God began to call her a witch, since, they never wished her a conjugal bliss in her matrimonial home, all they wanted was healing and deliverance without minding if the God's owned agent of deliverance was somebody's husband and a father to some people. I'm saying what I know very well, Apostle Babalola died of restlessness and quote me anywhere that Daniel Akintola said, his wife was never a witch. Thank God, Mummy Apeke (The Eldest Daughter of Apostle Babalola) is still very much alive in sound health living in ilesha. Baba Apostle could have lived much longer, supposing, he was more educated than he was.

Aside from being a son of the Prophets of old, i'm also privileged of a cordial ministerial companionship with Africa's sole authority figure in the subject matter of Church History (Rev. Dr. Moses Oludele Idowu ), go buy the entire compendium by this author or that of Pst. Prof. Abi Olowe (the Great Revival & The Great Revivalist. I'm saddened seeing many lazy Christians today speculating hear says on subject matter that are verifiable by seeking knowledge of the unknown, join not the rumour merchants, Shalom!


  1. How can you use the word "horny" on a Christian platform? I'm confused!

    1. Opeoluwa, you did not see anything good about the write up? Haba.
      Besides there is nothing wrong with saying someone is horny on a page like this. Why are you being hypocritical? Dont you get horny? Please let us be focused and learn. I shut it here.

  2. thanks for sharing light on this subject matter sir,
    for every action their must be an opposite reaction, either good or bad.

  3. Am finally happy to learn d man of God, left children behind I pray someone in his bloodline will be blessed with such amazing grace.

  4. God bless His' handi work. Amen

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