EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! How ministers of God can balance their marriage and ministry- Pastor Jimoh

Pastor David Abiodun Jimoh

Pastor David Abiodun Jimoh is a graduate of University of Benin, and also a graduate of CACTS Port Harcourt campus with second class upper both at Uniben and seminary. Ordained pastor at Ikeji Arakeji on 14th October 2010. He is currently the assistant pastor to DS of CAC Mount of Divine Love, Glorious District HQ Amadi Ama,  Port Harcourt. He is married to Mrs Adeola Hannah Jimoh and blessed with children.

In this interview with the Publisher of CAC NEWS, Oluwagbenga Bankole, Pastor Jimoh speaks on the roles of ministers of God in the ministry of their husbands, why ministers of God need to take care of their wives and children and many other interesting issues. Excerpt !

According to the Zonal Superintendent of CAC Transfiguration Zone, Pastor E.O. Odejobi, "a woman is a pillar, not a caterpillar in a house or marriage." What are the roles of ministers of God wives in helping their husbands to fulfill the purpose of God for their calling or ministry?

A ministers of God wife must be a good wife and mother to her husband and children. What she does not have she cannot give. She must be prayerful to assist her husband's home,  calling and church.
She is mother in Israel hence been a good samples to the younger women both in spiritual and physical matters.     1 Peter 3:5-6. She must be hospitable and accommodating to visitors both new and old for the sake of the gospel. Titus 1: 8.
She must be the lover of the words (gospel) and must adhere strictly to the doctrines of the church where they are and always be punctual to programs both in the church and outside especially when it concerns the ministry of her husband.
She must be advising her husband on things that concerns his welfare and progress of his calling but must be careful not to be authoritative.
She must be able to represent her husband,  children and church well whenever it is necessary.
Generally, she must take all brethren in the church as their spiritual children both males and females and also mother to the ministers. She must avoid to take side with any individuals and groups in the church to avoid quarrel in the church. She must also be friendly with people outside for the sake of Christ.

How can ministers of God balance the equation between their ministry or calling and marriage?
 Ministers of God must be 100% obedient to God and 100% service to his family Gen. 18: 19. Ministers must know and work towards that always. Hence, as we are committed to God's work we should also take care of our wives and children so that they will feel the love we have for them. We should plan our calling to accommodate true love for all the family members which is part of our marriage vow. 1 Corinth. 7: 3-5.

It has been observed that children of some ministers of God are totally living a life that is different from what their fathers preach on the altar. What do you think could be the reason for this and what is your advice for those children?

 The children of ministers are always faced with pressures both from spiritual and physical. We should not be ignorant of the devilish spirits pastors are casting out may have resultant effects in his home if he doesn't have much time for his family. Inadequate monitoring due to travelling,  programs, daily church activities, finances etc are factors that militate against the behaviours of the children of great men of God.
Ministers must have constant prayers Job 1:5 to God on behalf of his children and have time to follow their friends to know who they are Prob. 22:24. Try as much as possible to train them both academically and religiously. Assign spiritual responsibility to them when they are still with you in church and your daily prayers at home. Finally the man of God must love what he preach even at home because charity begins at home.

There are some ministers of God who their wives does not stay with them, not because of divorce but because they have been transferred to new stations. What is opinion about this?
For the ministers that their wives are not staying with them due to situations other than divorce,  since the period is just for a while, the ministers should make sure they get in contact with them constantly if possible daily through phone and or social media. Temporal distance should not be a major barrier. They should also agree to be visiting themselves periodically. The minister should inform the board of elders before embarking on any journey either to his family or other places not as if he is asking for  permition but as ethical and godly. They should come together as soon as it is possible when situations improve for the glory of God.

There are some ministers of God who did not allow their wives to do secular jobs. What is your take on this?

For ministers of God that do not allow their wives to do secular works. This may be due to different reasons: some ministers wives claimed they have different calling from or to support their husbands, some holding programs especially those that have to do with women e.g. pregnant, those trusting God for children,  midwifery etc.  My opinion is that the upkeep of the family is fully vested on the minister hence if the income of the family cannot reasonably take care of the family then it is better to allow the woman to do secular work in support of the family. This will be devoid of unnecessary burdens on either the brethren or the church and also command respect from members.

The rate of divorce in the country this day is very pathetic. What is your advice to young ministers who just entered into the ministry?
Young ministers should understand the ethics, cultural demand and biblical standards of marriage. They should also understand that it demands 100% trust from both parties and couples should be ready to sacrifice for the marriage to grow and last the lifetime of the couple's. Marriage is to enjoyed and not to be endured. Hence third parties must be avoided as much as possible. Every marriage has a time to witness storm but maturity, understanding and individual sacrifices with prayer to God will keep it strong throughout the time of storm. In all, God instituted marriage and His standard must be followed with prayers from all sectors including the ministers of God.

What is your advice for the new Youth Officer of CAC Worldwide, Pastor Sam Gbuyiro?
 My advice for the New Youth officer is that our youth require persistent seminars on marriage, how to be a disciple of Christ either in our places of work and among the brethren. Pastor Sam should also focus on vigorous evangelism in our schools especially in our higher institutions. Some youth pastors can be assigned to those educational institutions to broaden their knowledge on ACC doctrine and biblical standards.
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