Some facts you need to know about Royal Shepherd of CAC


Royal Shepherds (RS) is the new arm of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide.  It replaces the old Boys' Brigade.  The National Organizing Secretary for "RS" is Pastor A. A. Tope Adeyemo.

It is a universally accepted truism that many youths usually prefer to associate with various youth clubs which offer different appeals such as uniform wearing, and which is regimental or para-military in nature.

Such uniformed groups provide added advantages of instant recognition, authority and respect in the society. This explains why many of our church youths usually register as members of NGO’s such as Boys’ Brigade, Girls Brigae, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Red Cross, Man O’ War, WAI Brigade, etc.

 And this also explains why many other Christian churches in Nigeria have established or integrated various types of disciplined, uniformed, regimental or para-military voluntary youth movements into their congregation.

Following this enviable pattern, the Christ Apostolic Church, at the meeting of the General Executive Council, held at Ikeji-Arakeji Camp on Wednesday 10th May, 2002, unanimously resolved to establish a distinct para-military youth wing for the Church.  The Organization shall be known and called the “ROYAL SHEPHERDS”.

Royal Shepherd Anthem
Royal Shepherds of Christ Apostolic Church
marching as to war
stand for the Lord
Let the Holy Spirit lead us
from victory unto victory.
Royal Shepherds
put on the garment of love,
loyalty, honesty and of prayer
Let the word of wisdom fill your heart.
Give us power to be good soldiers
Oh! Lord help us.



  1. I what to show uniform but need the picture of anyone that is wall OK and fit

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