YOUTHE Corner: What youths expect from their Pastors (Part II)


In the last post, we established the parasitic and symbiotic types of relationship in life, encouraging Pastors not to be parasitic but employ symbiotic relationship with their church members, especially the youths. This is to say that as Pastors have their long list of expectations from the youths, the youths also have things they desire from their Pastors.

Having also noted that there are existing peculiarities and uniqueness of the 21st century, with strong implications on the Christian youths of this age, we shall explore some of these peculiarities.

1.      Information and Communication Technology (ICT): The 21st century is marked by highly sophisticated ICT tools which deliverthe world to the palms of the youths. This grants them unlimited access to unlimited sources of information which can either make or mar them.

2.      Multiple schools of thoughts: The 21st century is characterized by multiple schools of thoughts with diverse teachings and human philosophies.We have certainly not had it worse in yesteryears than in the current age, where there are more than a million websites and sources of different ideologies. Many can easily look over their Pastors and learn elsewhere from invisible preachers, self-acclaimed experts and motivational speakers whose origins are not known.

3.      Multiple shepherding:The 21st century Church is digitally globalized.Thereby, giving youths access to many Pastors. To this effect, youths drink from multiple fountains, leading to multiple shepherding over them.

4.      Mass exodus: The 21st century Church is currently experiencing a mass exodus of its teeming youths. The youths in the Church, including workers, such as choristers, are daily leaving the Church only to be engaged by the devil.


Any Pastor that will be able to relate with the youths, must understand these realities and must know how to leverage on them, if there will be any meaningful and lasting relationship with them.


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