Pastor Oladele emphasizes necessity for children of God to serve, says anyone who refuses service after chastisement lacks knowledge of God

CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele

By Osifuye Samuel Olamide

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele was in attendance at the just concluded 51st Annual Ministers' Wives Conference held at Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State, where he admonished the attendees on 'Power for Service'.

Reading from Acts 1:8, he said the power needed for the ministerial work is "the power of Holy Spirit, not the power of money or political power. And the power of Holy Spirit can not be bought with money or political influence."

"As Christ Apostolic Church, there are things we may not have, things we may not possess, and things we haven't achieved, but there is nothing we can do without consulting Holy Spirit. A service without the backing of the Holy Spirit is nothing but drama. And that is not an acceptable service,” said Pastor Oladele.

The President explained that in the course of the daily work of the first General Evangelist of CAC, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, he (Babalola) heard a voice that said "Son, go and work for me". Speaking further, he said the first word and description in that directive given to Apostle Babalola is 'son', while the remaining part is a call to service, inferring that once you are a child of God, you are expected to serve.

"And according to the parable of talents, one was given five talents, another two talents, and the third, one talent. This also tells us that as a child of God, there is no room for idleness and laziness. A son or daughter of Christ must be someone who serves. So, it would be wrong for you to be a Christian and not work for the advancement of the kingdom of God," he said.

With reference to CAC Gospel hymn number 39, the President furthered "if you find it difficult to serve, or you leave your duty post out of anger and/or pride because you were chastised, it shows you do not know God."

He told his audience that "whatever work you are asked to do, or you found yourself doing, do it diligently and with the joy of God. The Holy Spirit is for everybody, just as the air blows on everyone. The Holy Spirit is neither reserved for a particular group of people or a tribe, but for whosoever that is willing and ready to receive. And those who have received the Holy Spirit are automatically empowered for service."

"Moses understood that without God, he and the Israelites could achieve nothing that was why he said if you (God) do not go with us, we will go no where. So, if you think you can do any work in the church without the help of the Holy Spirit, then you are insulting the Holy Spirit," the President said.

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