YOUTH CORNER: Grow the Youths, Grow the Church


Text: Psalm 144:11, 12; Lamentation 2:18:19 

I am delighted to welcome all asundary to the first edition of this important, highly informative, inspiring, and educative article tagged Youth Corner, which will be coming your way weekly.

It is a deliberate means of expressing our passion to see the youth of Christ Apostolic Church understand their purpose and be made ready as punished arrows in the hands of the Almighty God to attack His enemies. This enlightenment will also ring a wake up bell to our responsibilities as leaders to stop the incessant exodus of our vibrant and promising youth to other churches.

To us church leaders, pastors, and ministers of the gospel, it is essential to know that the place and roles of the youth in the present and the future of the church and the nation are very important.  The future strength of both the church and the nation depends largely on the depth or degree of the youth’s love, commitment, and consecration to the Lord.  The depth of their understanding of the gospel and the scriptural principles upon which the church is founded would, in turn, determine their love for God and commitment to His kingdom.

These eternal principles and doctrines need to be brought to the youth with as much clarity and pungency as possible, in order to catch their attention, win their hearts, and lay a solid foundation for the years to come.  Preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow involves an understanding of their role, the type of communication, and the best approach that appeals to the youth both within and outside the church.

The salvation of the lost souls and their reconciliation unto God remain the sum total of Christ’s ministry until today.  He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  Christ has entrusted a ministry of reconciliation to all of us, and we will do well to explore all means, methods, and opportunities to get souls saved, especially the youth.


God, in His wisdom, recognizes three major segments in human life: the childhood stage, the youthful stage, and the adulthood stage. Each of these stages has its own peculiar features that are different from one another. The most challenging and crucial of all these three stages is the youthful stage, because both God and Satan believe in the capacity and usefulness of young men and women.

The youthful stage is very suitable for laying the foundation of future giants (II Tim. 3:15).  There is a brief period when youngsters are vulnerable to religious and other training.  Their concepts of right and wrong are formulated during this time, and their view of God begins to solidify.  The opportunity at this stage must be seized and spent usefully because their permanent attitudes are instilled during these years. Giving attention to growing and raising godly youth is essential for the following reasons: 

No church is complete without the presence of the youth. A church that has no youth has no future. Youths play a major role in the growth and development of the church. Therefore, every effort aimed at the salvation and growth of the youth is worthwhile for the following reasons: 

a. Youths as potential leaders of tomorrow (Proverbs 29:2; 14:34; Daniel 3:28–30; Deuteronomy 32:29; John 4:35)

The youth’s salvation and all-round growth will give the church and the nation at large a generation of righteous leaders. More missionaries, evangelists, and pastors will be raised for greater evangelistic outreaches. It will also rid the world of Satan-inspired leaders like Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc. Save the youth, save the world. 

b. Youths as great assets: (Daniel 1:3, 4; I Samuel 17:33, 37; Lamentation 3:2)

They are people of great strength and might.  Their dynamism, ability, and agility could become a great asset in God’s kingdom.  Their conversion is a corresponding conversion of physical and moral strength to benefit the church, the community, and the nation at large. 

c. Youths as a great possibility of spiritual reproduction (John 1:40–46). They find it easier to reach out to other youth like themselves. They easily get their attention more than adults.  Therefore, many youths that the church has been unable to reach could be brought to Christ through their saved peers. 

d. Youths as growth agents

If our church will grow, then the youths must be mobilized to go out and touch the lives of other youths. When a church is blessed with productive youth, there will be a strong resolution on their part to see to the growth and expansion of the church. They will be restless until growth and increase are seen in the church. 

To be continued...

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