Step-down training prepares census officers for historic task

In an unprecedented effort to ensure the success of the upcoming Census within the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in Nigeria, the Research and Development Department (R&D) has orchestrated a comprehensive Step-Down Training program.

This initiative, aimed at equipping Census Officers across all regions of the church, received resounding support from Regional, Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), and Zonal Superintendents, resulting in a seamless training process.

Over the course of January and early February, the R&D Department directly trained 386 Training Champions across three central training hubs in Ibadan, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. These Champions then cascaded the training to Census volunteers in their respective localities, ensuring widespread preparedness for the monumental task ahead.

The training covered essential topics, including the data to be collected, methodologies for data collection, and the code of conduct expected from Census Officers. Additionally, a comprehensive tutorial on the usage of the CAC Census App, developed by the R&D Department, was provided, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of data collection processes.

Pastor Engr. Abraham Ekebafe, Chairman of the R&D Department, expressed his confidence in the readiness of the Census Officers following the training. 

He extended gratitude to the Church Authority for their unwavering support throughout the initiative, underscoring the collaborative effort behind this endeavor.

Notably, a total of 1,272 volunteers have been recruited for the Census, extending beyond the borders of Nigeria to encompass CAC members across the globe. Plans are underway to provide training for volunteers in the diaspora, ensuring a unified and synchronized approach to data collection.

As part of the meticulous preparation process, a mock census will be conducted in a selection of randomly chosen DCCs to simulate real-world scenarios and stress-test the functionality of the CAC Census App. This rigorous testing phase aims to identify and address any potential issues before the main Census, scheduled for April-May 2024.

With the groundwork laid through comprehensive training and meticulous planning, the CAC stands poised to execute a historic Census, contributing invaluable insights for the advancement and growth of the church community.

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