Academic Summit: Getting married is good, staying in marriage is better, enjoying marriage is best, says Mrs. Yomi Adewale


Mrs. Yomi Adewale

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A marriage counselor and coach, Mrs. Yomi Adewale has said it's the purpose of God that His children should enjoy their marriages, saying that getting married is good, staying in marriage is better, but enjoying marriage is the best.

She noted that one of the things the devil is afraid of is for a kingdom son to marry a kingdom daughter, explaining that when a child of God marries another child of God they form Kingdom exploser, just like Aquila and Priscila.  

Mrs. Adewale, the wife of a renowned family coach and President of Living Home Foundation, Pastor Bisi Adewale said this while ministering on the topic "Right Marriage - Powerful Tool for Kingdom Exploits" at the just concluded 2023 Academic Stars' Summit, held at Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

She told the students that whoever they marry will determine the kind of life they will live, quality of life they will live, fulfilment of God-given assignment on earth and whether they will make it to heaven or not. 

According to her, marriage, as designed by God is a lifetime covenant and a journey till death do the two people in it part. 

Speaking on how to make marriage a tool for kingdom exploits, Mrs. Adewale implored the students to involve the Shepherd (Jesus Christ), explaining that "you must acknowledge the God factor in your marriage. Many have restricted God to some certain departments of their lives. The moment you give your life to Christ you have surrendered your will and accepted His will. He must be your God over every department of your life. God must order your marital journey. Let God lead you. Don't allow the physical outlook to lead you. If he's the President of the fellowship, it doesn't mean he is a resident of heaven. One of the things your relationship with God will produce is guidance. Other things are instruction, leading, how to love genuinely and identify genuine love. You will have scriptural understanding of marriage. You won't place social media above scripture."

Expatiating further on how to make marriage a tool for kingdom exploits, Mrs. Adewale urged the students to become marriageable persons.

She added that "the journey starts with being a child of God and having marriageable traits. You need to have self-control. If you don't have self-control you will still be worldly after marriage. Work on yourself. Carry yourself well. Work on your character. Enrol yourself for mentoring. Read books, not books about marriage alone, but books that will make you a better person. Bad or good marriage is not hereditary, it's a matter of choice. As a female if you can't cook, you're a crook. Get matured. Don't pay more emphasis on who you will marry, forgetting yourself. Start living a purposeful life. When you're a vision-less man you don't need a helper; same as a woman."

The Marriage Coach admonished the students to marry well and marry for the right reasons (Proverbs 20:6), adding that "when you want to choose, pray well and pray through. Know how God speaks to you. Don't marry for the wrong reason, marry for the kingdom reason. Marry by divine intervention. Marry by divine approval. When you marry a kingdom person, God will use him to bring the best out of you. Some marry because of peer pressure. Some marry because of economic reasons. Don't marry because of parental pressure."

She also said to them: "lay a solid foundation for your future marriage.

Foundation of prayer, genuine love, solid character, right association etc. Prepare in all aspects of marriage. When you marry a person who doesn't value marriage, you will walk on his or her path. In your foundation, acquire wisdom. Godly counsel - you have leaders who have gone through same path, ask questions."

Mrs. Adewale charged the students never to ignore the red flags, stating that "there are surface and fundamental red flags. Surface would be that he or she doesn't have table manners. Fundamental red flag is when you discover some ungodly character in a man or woman."

She finally advised them to desire godly courtship and glorious wedding, imploring them to attend premarital training, they shouldn't marry in debt and make the bed undefiled.


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