Earthly treasure & Heavenly trial by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Pastor Gbenga Aluko 

Text: Exodus 16:1-4

This study will be done with the following headings:

* The Place

* Their Behaviour

* The Treasure which is also a test

* They failed the test.

* The Challenge


The Place

The children of Israel were rescued from slavery in the land of Egypt, and they began a great journey to freedom and a destination predetermined by God. However, on the fifteenth day of the second month of their journey, they got to the wilderness of sin as stated in the scripture Ex.16:1


The referenced sin in the wilderness of sin is not the literal contravening the law, immoral dispositions, or going against statutes as we are used to but means one of the following according to scholars:


          The name emerged because of its proximity and similarity to Mount Sinai

          The place was a place of worship for an ancient moon god who goes by the name sin

          Just a Hebrew name for that region.


The place didn’t get its name because of what the children of Israel did or didn’t do it’s a name that predates their interaction with the place however the children of Israel were sinfully obstinate as usual even in the wilderness of sin what a coincidence, what is the account of your behaviour where you are? We are writing history.


Their Behaviour

The children of Israel rested in the wilderness of sin for a while on their journey from Egypt, however at this time they have exhausted all their provisions hence they grumbled/murmured. Murmuring was habitual of the children of Israel even when they could humbly present their case before God and His human representatives, Ex.15:24,16:2 just to state two of these reckless acts by God’s chosen nation, loved, chosen, saved from bondage/captivity but reckless, being forceful/aggressive has more disadvantage than advantages, blessed are the meek…. Mark 5:5, Psalm 37:11.


The Treasure which is also a test

It should be noted that God didn’t consider their frailty and faulty approach in their request at this time(a lesson to leaders in all spheres of life) although He severely punished them for the same offense at other times, He benevolently granted their request, this He did with a test as reeled out to Moses in VS.4 “I will rain manna from Heaven(a food from heaven, a delicacy without human input, something that will be kept even in the ark, a treasure indeed Ex.16:33ff, Heb.9:4) THAT I MAY PROVE THEM” He gave them what they wanted but it came with a test/trial, does God still gauge/test people’s loyalty/obedience and trust in Him?


They failed the tests 16-20

God through His servants gave specific instruction to the Israelites that they should take a certain measure per day per person, they disobeyed, and they should not keep till the second day they also disobeyed, sin will lead to another further sin till the individual cup is full and God’s wrath is activated, the only panacea to stop the fall of sin is to come boldly and sincerely to the cross, Confessing and forsaking, do you want to continue your fall of sin?


The challenge

The position that God gave you, James 1:17, Your prayers that God has answered and will still answer, the signs and wonders that He has done for and through you, the wealth that he gave and will still give, The gift/talent/capacity, all of God’s benevolence towards you are just to satisfy you but far and above that to test your love for Him, your loyalty and obedience to him and your capacity to handle more for him stop failing God, learn from Daniel and Joseph.





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